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Grant v Australian Knitting Mills

The material facts of the case: The underwear, consisting of two pairs of underpants and two siglets was bought by appellant at the shop of the respondents. The retailer had purchased them with other stock from the manufacturer. The appellant put on one suit and by the evening he felt itching on the ankles. Next day a redness appeared on each ankle. The appellant treated himself with calomine lotion but the irritation was such that he scratched the places till…...

?SWOT Analysis of Nestle Australia Ltd

Executive Summary This SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) report examines those four areas of a new Nestle product in the market. This product has a new and unique mixture that has never been in the local market shelves ever before. Although this report is mainly about the new product, it also looks at the history of Nestle and goes into depth about the SWOT of the company. Introduction and background: This area provides a brief overview of the company’s products…...

Australian Identity

The Australian identity is a diverse concept that has developed overtime through significant events in our history. As a result of these events, it is has established Australia into a multicultural society that now includes numerous new lifestyles. However, it is an evolving concept that is still becoming, as further cultures are migrating to Australia and introducing unique traditions to the Australian life. This idea is further explored in the poem ’No more boomerang’ by Kath Walker, which exhibits how…...

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Stolen Generation in Australia

Between the years 1909 and 1969 children were taken from their mothers/families at all times of day. Not just any child was taken, only children of Aboriginal status or children with a little bit of Aboriginal status, half caste. “It is estimated that between 50,000 to 100,000 Indigenous children were taken from their families...” (Lecture). The government had decided that the mothers/families that were Indigenous Aborigines were not fit for raising a family. The government wanted to breed out the…...

Native Title Law Reform Australia

Mabo and others v State of Queensland (No.2 (1992) HCA 23, is arguably one of the most famous native title claims in Australian history. This case was the first in Australian history to successfully overturn Terra Nullius and essentially led to the creation of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) (‘The Act’). Terra nullius means land belonging to no one or land that has never been subject to sovereignty of any state and is a part of International Law. The…...

Growing Up Asian in Australia Creative Story

I just had an enormous fight with my mother, “I forbid you to ever go near the athletic track when you're under my roof.” She didn’t take the news of my athletic training too lightly. “You go back there, you're out! Out on the streets!” I grabbed my runners and slammed the front door on her. When she was out of earshot, I started insulting her with every swear word I knew, in both English and Vietnamese. I started running…...

Racism in Australia

One in five people living in Australia have experienced racist abuse During the past year, 1 in 5 people living in Australia was a target of racial discrimination (around 4.6 million people). This is an increase from 1 in 8 the previous year (Source). 1 in 5 people living in Australia has been a target of verbal racial abuse (Source). Verbal abuse is the most common form of racism (Source). Nearly half of all Australian residents from a culturally and…...

Australia and China Tade

China is a nation located in East Asia. It is the world's most populated country, with a population of over 1.35 billion. China is the 4th biggest country in the world behind Russia, Canada, and the United States. Australia is a continent and a nation in the Southern Hemisphere, lying to the south of Southeast Asia, which divides the Indian and South Pacific Oceans. The population of Australia is 23 million. In 2009 China went beyond Japan to end up…...

Inter-Racial Relationship in Novel Deadly Unna

'Deadly Unna?' was the very first book of the well-known Australian author, Phillip Gwynne, released in 1998. The interesting drama novel reveals the inter-racial relationship in between two teenage kids, Gary "Blacky" Black and "Dumby" Red. The book concentrates on many issues the adolescence face, for instance bigotry, favouritism, relationships, households, exclusion and more. 'Deadly Unna?' is embeded in the Port and Peninsula of South Australia, the 'Goonyas' (white Australians) are based in the Port and the 'Nungas' (the Aboriginals)…...

Australia's Response to Communism in the 1950's

In the 1950’s the world had just come out of the greatest war in human history. In the aftermath of this war many countries turned to communism. It was against this threat of communism that the Australian government reacted in such a wide variety of ways. Although there were a wide variety of ways in which Australia reacted there were perhaps three that were the most prevalent and influential. Firstly Australia sent troops to fight in Korea to avoid and…...

Eddie Mabo's Fight for Rights

Eddie Mabo is one of the most famous and significant Australian Aboriginals. He is famous for campaigning for Indigenous land rights. He was born on the 29th of June, 1946, on Murray Island, in the Torres Strait. Eddie Mabo married Bonita Newhow and together they had ten children. In 1982 Eddie Mabo and four other Torres Strait Islanders initiated action against the Australian Authorities calming ownership of their land on Murray Island. Eddie Mabo was exiled from Murray Island when…...

Different people - Asylum seeker

Only a person who can claim that they have a well-founded fear of persecution can claim asylum. The majority of asylum seekers come to the UK from four main countries. These are Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Sri Lanka. Different people see the asylum seekers in different situations. Some see them and immediately give them sympathy and say that they would do the same if they were in the same situation. Whilst others see them all as people who only come…...

Australia vs. Netherlands

Task 1: Cross-Cultural Dimensions Describe the impact of the cross-cultural measurements of both Hofstede and Trompenaars on 2 subjects for both your house nation as the nation of your internship Trompenaars Australia 1. Universalism vs. particularism 2. Individualism vs. collectivism 3. Neutral vs. emotional 4. Particular vs. diffuse 5. Achievement vs. ascription 6. Sequential vs. synchronic 7. Internal vs. external control Management Leadership in Australia is quite based upon rules. For that reason, clear directions are provided to the workers…...

Transcript of 'Herbie' By Archie Weller

Colour Symbol Image 'Herbie' by Archie Weller Colour, Symbol, Image By Samuel Beech The colour black is very symbolic in the story “Herbie” by Archie Weller, the colour black is associated with dark, sinister and contentious acts as is apparent is this morally challenging piece of text. The text challenges our values as a young boy is bullied until he falls to his death out of a tree he is forced to climb. The fact that an indigenous writer has…...

Is technology a blessing or a curse in australia

Great Evening fellow speakers, judges and audience. Tonight I will be speaking about the subject is Technology a blessing or a curse? What is technology, the meaning of innovation in the Macquarie budget plan dictionary is the branch understanding that deals with science and engineering. To me it implies anything that assists us to live our lives simpler. Over the past decade, Australia has actually been advancing with all of its innovation. It is stated that this decade had the…...

"Australian Rules" essay

Australian rules is embeded in a little rural town, where the relationships in between the white townspeople and the Aboriginal individuals on the mission are intricate, conflicted and spoiled by deeply entrenched bigotry. The regional football group in many ways serves to represent the town, it shows the conflicted relationship in between the white individuals and the Aboriginal individuals- we begin to comprehend this as the film unfolds. Other styles inherent in the film are styles of household, love, loyalty…...

BILABONG Australia - financial statement analysis assignment

BILABONG Australia - financial statement analysis assignment ACCT 5910-Business Analysis and Valuation Contents Executive summary……............................................................................................................3 Executive summary The purpose of report is to provide a comprehensive analysis of Billabong International Limited. This report is primarily based on a trend analysis of Billabong’s financial performance ratios from 2009 to 2011, common size table of the balance sheet and income statement and analysis of Billabong’s cash flows. Expect to provide a basis understanding of the company’s recent situation and future valuation. The…...

A letter from an exchange student in Australia

I’ve been in Australia for about 2 months now and I’m still speechless. It’s such a beautiful country! The land, the people, the climate, everything is amazing! I’ve gotten to experience the most remarkable/wonderful things, things I never could have imagined. As you know I went here as an exchange student and I’m living with a wonderful host family in Brisbane. They have been very welcoming and loving, the student exchange agency made such a good match. Brisbane is located…...

Anytime Fitness and the Jetts SWOT Analysis

As the living quality has been continuously improved in recent years,together with the widely spread sense of keeping fit,fitness clubs are becoming more and more popular in Australia.Among all those fitness companies,the Anytime Fitness and the Jetts are the most rapidly growing ones ,which both offer the 24/7 access to all clubs they own. I’ll compare the model of these two company using SWOT analysis. Company overview According to the Anytime Fitness AU(2014),Anytime Fitness is a fitness club which started…...

''I am Australian'' by Bruce Woodley

Poem Analysis – I am Australian by Bruce Woodley and My Country by Dorothea Mackellar The two poems that I have chosen to analyse are “I am Australian Written by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton and “My country” written by Dorothea Mackellar. Both poems portray the love for the country and the sense of belonging as both of these writers are Australian born bush poets. The poem “I am Australian” relates to the concept of belonging to and national identity.…...

Aboriginal Stolen Generation as Oppression in Australia

The Stolen Generation was a time of grief, sorrow and sadness for many indigenous people. To say that it is something of the past would be distorting the seriousness of the issue, the Stolen Generation was and always will be a contemporary issue affecting indigenous people. Although race relations in Australia have been signified for many decades there still remains a historic distinction between ‘black’ and ‘white’ people and this is why Australians are faced with the implications of recognizing…...

A Strategic Analysis of Qantas and the Australian Airline Industry

The following paper provides an analysis and evaluation of the current market position of Qantas and the Australian Airline Industry. By assessing the company both internally and externally, this report will assess Qantas’ strengths and weaknesses. In addition to this, the report will focus on the specific elements that enable Qantas to obtain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Our team has established that Qantas is facing direct competition from new market entrants as well as threats from it’s own…...

Compare Essay Vietnam an Australia

In recent years, there are many Vietnamese students who want to study in other countries as Australia, Singapore, or USA. Because they think that the education system in these countries is better than the system in Vietnam. They will have plenty opportunities after graduating in international college or university. Nevertheless, others have the opinion that the quality of education in both countries is similar. Australian and Vietnamese education systems are very similar in school ages. We can easy to see…...

American Popular Culture In Australia

The 1950s and 1960s were times of unprecedented change, and Australian society was influenced greatly by American popular culture, through various mediums, such as: music, film, television and fashion. This especially affected teenagers. It will be explained how Australian society was impacted by American popular culture, and also why American popular culture had such an affect. Australian developed its own responses to these influences, and the extent of this will also be explored. The 1950s meant the emergence of the…...

Australian Aboriginal Culture

Aboriginals lived in Australia for about 40,000 years before European settlement began in 1788. During that time they developed an amazing culture all based on survival. They found all of their food from the land. They developed an amazing religion that is based on the fact that everything was created in the Dreamtime, the time before time began. The Aboriginals connect their origins with the Dreamtime. There were hundreds of different tribes around Australia, all with unique languages. Artwork was…...

The Importance of Land

For Aboriginal Australians, the land has a special significance that is rarely understood by those of European descent. The land, or country, does not only sustain Aborigines in material ways, such as providing food and shelter, it also plays a major role in their spiritual lives. As Rose put it, "Land provides for my physical needs and spiritual needs." (1992, p.106). To use Rose's own term, to Aboriginals the land is a 'nourishing terrain'. (1996, p.7). The basic tenets of…...

Brett Whitely: a brief frames analysis

Subjective Used art as a method of expressive self-exploration. 'I paint in order to see.' His artworks moved from being political protests to being focussed on the not-so-quiet intimacies of his private life. "Politics, travel, social consciousness, self-analysis, philosophical speculation and youth took second place to one over-riding obsession - to paint pictures of beauty." (Brett Whiteley, by Sandra McGrath, 1979) Experimented with different, mind-altering drugs to influence his art-making. Greatly influenced by Francis Bacon. Towards the end of his…...

World War 2 made a significant impact on Australia

World War 2 made a significant effect on Australia and its individuals. It opened the eyes of society and made Australian people realise where they fit into the international view of the world. Although much of the history of WW2 focused on politics, diplomats, military and marine battles, it touched all Australian lives. Some of the crucial problems in World war 2 were the female's contribution in the war, government modifications to the economy and the diplomacy in the war.…...

Australian Casino Industry and Competitive Analysis

1.0 Background The Casino Gaming Market is comprised of a number of competitors. Secret players control the industry separating the them into two categories: large-scale and little scale gambling establishments. All deal a variety of product or services including Keno, other income-hospitality services, gamin/poker makers and gambling establishment gaming tables. Need stems from the localized market and the abroad premium players market. High earnings can be originated from the overseas market nevertheless dependant only on those losses suffered by players.…...

Reasons for Australian Federation

Question: Outline the main reasons for Federation. What was the main reason? Federation happened in 1901 when the six separate Australian colonies came together to form what is now the Commonwealth of Australia. It occurred for many reasons including: to unite the defence of Australia; to make uniform bank laws; taxes and tariffs resulting in better trade and communication between states; and to put the "White Australia Policy" into practise. Federation came about with the aid of many political leaders,…...

The roaring twenties in Australia

Whether or not the term 'Roaring Twenties' is an adequate description of the character of Australian society from 1920 to 1929 depends on the circumstances of the Australian population in this decade, because 'Roaring' implies the 1920's were full of dramatic social changes, which may have came about from spontaneous economical or political incidences and new inventions. In the 1920s Australian politics was dominated by the conservative parties and, despite some industrial discontent and hardship, the economy was prosperous and…...

A Solution to childhood obesity in Australia

It is essential that through government and community participation, we develop, establish and integrate safe strategies to tackle the ever increasing problem of childhood obesity. 'Australia is rapidly turning into a nation of fat kids.' One in every five youngsters is now designated as overweight or obese, living a life prone to cardiovascular and health problems along with risks to there mental state and general well being. Studies conducted by The Australian Diabetes, obesity and lifestyle council indicate that poor…...

I Am, You are, We are Australian

“I am Australian” was released in late 1980s by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton. It is a song that celebrates unity in diversity, recognising differences in ethnic background and remembrance of its history. It recognises significant events and icons in Australia’s culture, history and spirit and many reflects and ’Australian identity’ within the iconography of the song, which in itself is an Australian icon. This song was written very recently, thus contains many parts of Australian society which older poems and folk songs do not mention, such as women in society and aboriginal culture. This song contains no prejudice and…...

Australia vs. China: An Economic Comparison

Australia and China adopt very different economic systems in order to cater the best for their society. Nevertheless, Australia's financial system is more effective than China's and, due to the writer's conservative value system, will be measured in terms of ecological effectiveness, labour and entrepreneurial resource effectiveness and the standard of life. The standard financial problem for any country is that resources are limited while wants are limitless. This implies that countries need to decide what to produce, how to…...

Australian ecotherms and endotherms

A- TYPES OF TEMPERATURE REGULATION 1- The cat, human and platypus could be described as true endotherms, as they all maintain a relatively constant internal body temperature that is independent of the external temperature. As the environmental temperature rises from 5C to 40C, the humans body temperature remains constant, the cat's and the platypus' increases by around 3▫C. 2- The lizard and echidna are ectotherms as their body temperature fluctuates according to the temperature of the external environment. The lizard's…...

The Economic and Social Importance of Tourism: Australia

The contribution of the tourism industry to economic growth and employment is now being recognised although, in international terms, Australia still lags well behind in tourism receipts. In 1982, Australia's relative share of the market represented only 1.4 per cent of the OECD total, placing Australia on a par with countries such as Sweden and Portugal but eight to ten times below the level of the United States, Italy or France. A 1981-82 survey on the economic significance of tourism…...

FAQ about Australia

Eddie Mabo, The Man Who Changed Australia

...Mabo Day occurs annually on June 3rd to commemorate Eddie Mabo and his incredible achievement to campaign for indigenous land rights led to a landmark decision of the High Court of Australia that overturned the legal fiction of terra nullius on June ...

Why Guns Should Be Banned in Australia

...Removing guns out of the American system will not only keep people safe, but also reduce gang crimes and save the US 174 billion dollars which they could better use to fund shelters for homeless people, research into curing diseases and fund schools. ...

Jasper Jones - to what extent is the novel quintessentially Australian

...Through Charlie’s coming of age, Silvey’s Jasper Jones presents a compelling insight into the duality of morality and the human values of loyalty and justice. Though these are undeniably universal in nature, Silvey explores these issues through t ...

How did the cold war effect Australia

...Confrontation was a small-undeclared war fought between 1962-1966 during which Indonesia sought to destabilise the newly independent Malaysia. After two Indonesian raids on the Malayan peninsula in 1964 the Australian government deployed a battalion ...

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