Australia Essay Topics

Heena Sidhu: Personal Life

Heena Sidhu is an Indian shooter. She along with Annu Raj Singh won the gold medal in women’s Pairs 10 metre air pistol at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.[1] Heena (384) and Annu (375) won the 14th gold medal for India from the shooting range. She also won a silver medal in the singles event. Heena… View Article

The first Australian-Aboriginal

Indigenous spirituality can be defined as the incorporation of a community’s spiritual trail, alongside which it progresses to attain a given purpose, like a higher state of responsiveness, outreach understanding or empathy with the Creator. For example the Aboriginal spirituality is a feeling of unity, of belonging and mostly connected to land. To them land… View Article

President Hoover

A WARNING of the prohibitionists is that there’s no going back once we reverse course and legalize drugs. But what the reforms in Europe and Australia demonstrate is that our choices are not all or nothing. Virtually all the steps described above represent modest and relatively low-risk initiatives to reduce drug and prohibition-related harms within… View Article

Year 12 English oral gambling ban

Good morning/ good afternoon everyone my name is John and today I would like to talk to you about Chris. Chris was a 23 year old man, who up until about 5 years ago lived a totally normal life. He lived an average childhood in an average house. At the age of 18 he moved… View Article

Indigenous peoples in Australia

Indigenous Peoples of Australia is categorized into two groups namely, the Aboriginal People and the Torres Strait Islanders (Sharp). Aboriginal peoples are said to be the group of IP’s, who became the first settlers in mainland Australia. The Torres Strait Islanders are the ones who are originally the inhabitants of the region between Australia and… View Article

History Of Australia

On January 1, 1901, the people of Australia had a date with destiny. They kept it, despite all odds. The struggle to free ourselves from the past, the struggle to unite for a better future is as natural to humankind as breathing. Both are vital, if life must go on. For Australians too, the struggle… View Article


The downturn in the international financial crisis has compounded Australia’s tourism industry. Relevant departments recently predicted that Australia will be reduced by inbound tourists this year, more than 4% the past 20 years Australian tourism industry is facing the most severe blow. Australian Bureau of Statistics data released ,2007-2008 Australian tourism contribution to gross domestic… View Article

On average indigenous australians

The responsibility of the Australian government to provide basic services to its people has come under scrutiny, especially on how it has treated the aboriginal Australians. In the past decades, the delivery of basic services to the aborigines has been through a credited agency but this has been eradicated when the present administration came to… View Article

Western Australia

While the Australian Warlpiri people of Western Australia need to live within the laws and values of the Australian Government, as do all citizens living in Australia, preliminary conclusions show their lives also relate strongly to their community values, which are based on ngurra-kurlu, the ‘five pillars of society’. The Warlpiri people first made contact… View Article

Australia, Bran Nue Dae and the Stolen Generation

Question 2: Luhrmann’s Australia and Perkins’ Bran Nue Dae could be said to approach the apology to the Stolen Generations from different perspective. Discuss with reference to style. Director Baz Luhrmann and Director Rachel Perkins both addressed Australia’s cruel and racist history and the aboriginal’s Stolen Generation in Australia and Bran Nue Dae, respectively. Both… View Article

Australian Freedom Rides

Explain the significance of the Freedom Rides for Australia in the post-World War 2 period. The Australian Freedom Rides was not only significant but an extremely important historical event that occurred, that marginally affected the living standards, rights and the way our nation saw Aboriginal people. Starting through a very important Australian Aboriginal activists Charles… View Article

Rabbit-Proof Fence

* How do the filmmakers begin the film and engage us in the story and at the beginning of the film what do you think you are seeing at first? The Australian film based on the true story about “The Stolen Generation” titled “Rabbit-Proof Fence” begins with a brief written summary about the Australian Aborigines… View Article

Implications of implementing the emissions trading scheme in Australia

The contentious nature of the yet to be implemented emissions trading scheme (ETS) for Australia has already gathered much storm with particular concerns to the significant impacts that it portends to the business and society in general. Indeed, the ETS touches on almost every nerve of the Australian society. The ETS will seek the commitment… View Article

Effects of world economic politics to Australia

World political economy can be defined as a political process of interaction between countries in world transform local phenomena in to global perspective. Mostly, this interaction comes up as integration of sovereign state for economic benefit based on trade and commerce. In Australian context, world political economics is interaction between Australian-nation and the rest of… View Article

Asylum Seekers in Australia

Australias mandatory detention of asylum seekers are of a serious concern. There has been aroused intense national and international debate. In the past few years we have been bombarded with images of detainees suffering from depression, mental anguish, trauma and psychological damage. Australia has a policy of mandatory detention for all refugees and asylum seekers… View Article

Aussie stereotypes

Around the world, people are raised not to stereotype others. However, they often define their own cultural identity by stereotyping themselves. Not only do the stereotypes provide the model that individuals seek to match, they also provide a sense of commonality that makes people feel that they are part of a community. For example, the… View Article

Australian Stereotypes

Introduction Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for inviting me to talk to you about something that I am truly passionate about, and that is Australian stereotypes in contemporary Australian literature. In today’s society, contemporary literature does encourage young readers to look beyond Australian stereotypes. However, Australian stereotypes are still present in some contemporary… View Article

All Generalisations Are Dangerous, Even This One

Generalizations exist in many contexts of today’s society. From self-experience or hearing of another’s, people form opinions about countries, food, companies, people some of which involve religious and ethnic groups. These opinions are passed on and thus the birth of stereotypes, a generalization about a group of people whereby defined sets of characteristics are attributed…. View Article

Afghan Asylum Seekers in Australia

Afghanistan is a war torn country located in central Asia. There are currently approximately 319, 000 internally displaced people in Afghanistan. (Encyclopedia of the Nations, 2012) The poverty is extreme, there are frequent natural disasters that tear down cities and villages, (Refugees International, 2001) and the people are in continual danger of violence. This violence… View Article

Is Australia an Inclusive Society

Reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2003a, 2003b, as cited in Ashman & Elkins, 2009, p. 7) show 25% of the Australian population is currently made up of migrants from around 200 countries. This fact demonstrates Australia, on the whole, has a tolerant and inclusive society. A society can be identified as a collection… View Article

Australian Defence Force

Australia has its own defence force that defends itself and assists many other nations. Defence is the action of defending from, or resisting attack. Although the main aim and purpose of this defence force is to protect people and fight in the “War on Terror”, it can have cultural, economic and geopolitical advantages and disadvantages…. View Article

Society and Culture Depth Study Asylum Seeker

Asylum seekers are a group of people, who from fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, social group or political opinion, has crossed an international frontier into a country in which they hope to be granted refugee status. The Australian public opinion towards asylum seekers has often been unwelcoming at best and hostile at… View Article

Essay on Australian Culture

The composers of In Sydney’s Suburbs, An Endless Summer and Love Letter: McIver’s Baths have helped me to further understand Australian culture by using a variety of language devices and techniques to uncover the Australian culture. Chris West, the author of In Sydney’s Suburbs, An Endless Summer reveals that Australians respect the harsh landscape and… View Article

Ant 101 Australian Aboriginals

The Australian Aborigines are a nomadic band of people that roam the outback of Australia. They walk for miles a day, rest at night, and then walk some more the next day. The men kill the animals of Australia for food and the women gather what roots and berries that they can find. They travel… View Article

The Kinship System of the Australian Aborigines

In the following paper I will be discussing the kinship of the Australian Aborigines. I will be discussing how this culture impacts the way they behave such as how the act and live. I will also be comparing this behavior to that of my life. I hope that you find this paper to be interesting… View Article

Minorities in Australian Literature

Australian literature consists of many representations of the ‘Australian way of life’ that are constructed by numerous national stereotypes. Various critics argue that the current literary representations of the average Australian do not embrace enough cultural diversity through the incorporation of indigenous people, females and ethnic communities. The representations of Australian people have changed dramatically… View Article

Should the Australian Flag Be Changed?

The Australian flag was chosen in 1901, when a competition was held to design our country’s flag. The guidelines of this competition included that the Union Jack and Southern Cross should appear on the flag. However, I believe that in the year 2001, the Australian flag needs to be changed. During the course of this… View Article

Are Australians Really Racist

Australia is a racist country. We tend to generalize the Australian population into different categories like the Indians, Muslims, Aborigines and Asians. There are always scandals on the news, in newspapers and on the internet of somewhat racist comments being said. In the earlier days of March, 2010 there had be seen tensions between Australia… View Article

Australian National Identity

According to Zimmermann there are “as many legal systems as there are national states”. Every country has its own unique legal system. However, we can allocate among them three main legal systems. These are: Civil Law, Common Law and Islamic Law. Civil and Common Laws are the most influential legal systems in the world, especially… View Article

I am Australian- What it means to be Australian- Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen. To answer the question of what it really means to be an Australian, or how to identify us as Australians, can be summarized into one little statement. “Australians give a fair go for anybody who has the courage to try whatever they want to achieve in life”. So this universal fairness and… View Article