DECA ~ Australia’s Premier Driver Education Centre

Driver Education Centre of Australia, also referred to as DECA is a premier driver education centre that is serving Australia road users industrial workers with their driving needs. The centre is a full training centre which includes many different programs from education and training to obtaining a forklift license Melbourne, driver education, car and truck driver training and more.

Driver Education Centre of Australia has been providing Australian drivers with training programs for over 35 years. The company practices the highest standards in training and transportation, which includes warehousing where Australian residents can obtain their forklift license Melbourne, a very sought after license in Australia.

Forklift License Melbourne

DECA training courses available to residents of Australia vary, depending on the student’s level of supervised experience. DECA training courses are designed to equip the student with the skills and knowledge to be behind the wheel of the forklift and to safety maneuver the forklift. Training courses last for either one, two or three days.

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During the duration of the course, the student will learn:

* The various components, characteristics and dynamics of the forklift.

* Identification and avoidance of hazards associated with the forklift.

* Operator’s duties and responsibilities.

* WorkSafe regulations.

Driver Education

Driver education courses offered through DECA include a variety of training courses, which will develop the skills and provide the knowledge that the student needs to be behind the wheel. Among the various driver education courses DECA provides:

Car Driving Training Courses: Car driving courses are ideal for all drivers that want to improve their driving skills or are in search of a new career.

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DECA courses provide the latest in theoretical and practical training techniques, and are taught by a team of nationally accredited instructors that guide the student through the learning process and development of the skills and knowledge to drive.

Bus Driving Training Courses: Bus driving training courses are another course that is offered by DECA and one that ranges from minibuses to coaches. Students learn in both the classroom and behind the wheel providing them with extensive knowledge in skill and safety. The course outline includes control and maneuvering of the vehicle, start and stop sequences, vehicle positioning and highway and city driving.

Aside from the car and bus driver education training courses, DECA also features a number of other courses that are available to all Australian drivers fatigue management training, motorcycle and scooter training, driver assessor / instructor training, forklift driver and warehouse training, four wheel drive driver training, and truck driver training courses.

DECA works hand in hand with some of the largest industries within Australia to provide the industries with courses that are specific to industrial and driving needs.

DECA’s driver education training programs are Australia’s premier training programs and featured from a company that has 35 years in the driver training industry. The company began as a complete training complex and today has many facilities, which include training centres in Altona, North, Carrum Downs, Newborough, Shepparton, Tasmania and New South Wales which trains in specific areas.
is Australia’s premier driver education centre featuring a variety of training courses. To get started on a new career or to hone in on your driving skills, visit

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