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For the Love of the Game? – Athletes
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Every year we hear about how some new professional athlete just signed a contract worth a record amount of money . Then the same next year we hear about how another athlete is signing a new contract worth even more than before. In fact, most professional sports minimum salaries are over $100,000 per year. And furthermore, the entire “game” has become corporate, and seems to no longer hold any value in society. Professional athletes are making too much money in…...
Threats to the Olympic Ideals
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The ancient Olympic games can be traced back to 776 B.C., and were founded on honorable principles of sportsmanship, fairness, character and civility. The goals of the ancient Olympics encouraged good relationships throughout Greek cities and focused on sportsmanship between athletes. Truce, or the ekecheiria was the most important rule during these times. This meant that all soldiers had to put down their weapons and stop fighting during the games. All hostilities were suspended for the time of competition, allowing…...
Athletic Trainer
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Hmm , What do i want to do when i grow up? Career wise. As i sit and think about the future and what i would love to do , i know there is one job i would love to do when i get older and fully matured. My career is an Athletic Trainer. A Sports or Athletic Trainer are apart of the allied heath profession. They work in a variety of ways to either help athletes heal from injuries…...
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