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The first thing that I would do after receiving a donation of $30,000 from Mr. and Mrs. Monopoly, would be to write a sincere thank you letter for the donation, and offer them a couple incentives for doing so. I would send them team gear from their specific favorite sport teams that we have. Then I would give them free tickets for life, with the addition of having reserved seats on the 50-yard line for football games, and or right on the sideline at our basketball or volleyball games.

I Would not make a public announcement until I saw fit where I believed we should spend the funds. This is truly just so we don’t cause an uproar of everyone trying to say they need the money more than someone else.

The first item in my decision-making process would be to put that money in our athletic fund, so it could not just be touched by anyone. After this is done I would make sure to speak with my assistant athletic director and the principal to decide how exactly we want to spend the money.

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As a team we would brainstorm our biggest need sin the athletic program and have the principal’s insight on what maybe the community or school district would be looking for. After making our list we would then check what items are feasible at that moment in time and what could maybe be pushed off a little later. Making sure the whole time we are not just jumping into any decision.

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Last but certainly not least it will be the utmost importance to abide by Title IX laws and regulations. We must make sure to appease all parties when we are making such big decisions with a lot of money that could truly change a program. As the AD I will make sure to have a fair process in deciding what are our biggest needs right now. Is it getting new jerseys for the women’s basketball team, or is it buying new helmets for the football team. Ether way, there will be a specific, tight knit decision-making process for all items that are placed on the list.

“Title IX benefits everyone — girls and boys, women and men. The law requires educational institutions to maintain policies, practices and programs that do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender”. I will refer back to the NCAA Title IX frequently asked questions page to have a strong understanding of Title IX, so I don’t make any mistakes along the way.

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