At a very young age my parents introduced me to a magazine

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At a very young age, my parents introduced me to a magazine called Children’s Fine Art and fostered my ability of looking forward to each new experience with the fine art. Early experience of exposure to a wide range of brightly colored drawings, from my perspective, could be called an enlightenment of art to the little version of me. As I grow older, costume design which I learned from TV show became my top favorite and I even designed my first dress-a long dress with fishtail.

To pursue a better foundation for my design, I took painting classes rain or shine since middle school. Fashion is what I am curious about and costume design is what I want to be more involved in fashion. Deeply intrigued by a wealth of fashion ideas, I decide to pursue an undergraduate program of Costume Design.

Through reading fashion magazines and browse fashion websites, I developed a keen interest in costume design after gaining a fundamental understanding of it.

Especially, I was attracted to a young Chinese costume designer Christine Lau when I read her interview on a magazine. She is a trained textile and fashion designer and has developed her own label-Chictopia. Her fashion empire Chictopia is renowned for its fabrics, elegant and innovative prints and bold shapes. With a celebrity fan base, Christine has developed a label which attracts a star-studded front row, and has a team of 20 trust-worthy collaborators, and flagships stores in both Beijing and Shanghai. Her designs can also be found in the finest international boutiques.

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Her story and insights to the clothing sparked my further interest in the fashion industry. It also could be put in this way that she was my first inspiration of my dream of being a costume designer in the future.

In my spare time, I have completed four sets of ready-to-wear costumes out of my strong interest in costume design. My design philosophy is to combine the retro elements with the modern minimalist style to display a sense of simplicity with great richness of detail and beauty of bright colors. My wholehearted engagement in the whole process, which included early-stage design, selection of fabrics and color matching, not only brought me the joy of achievement and thrill of creative effort, but also valuable experience in fashion design. Thus I believe I will better adapt to the further education program that I am now applying for.

Coming back to fashion design, I think design is a kind of language which could be used to express my unique ideas of the costume design. Through the design, I am able to show others my attitude towards life and my pursuit of beauty. Upon graduation, I will choose to work as a fashion designer. I hope I could start my own brand after years of working as an independent designer. The best of fashion is worthy of the name art. I admire three designers, Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Puth and Fran?ois-Henri Pinault. Especially, Fran?ois-Henri Pinault who believes business success and being sustainable go hand in hand inspires me to devote to fashion industry with a sense of social responsibility.

Taking my attitude, enthusiasm, qualifications and experience into consideration, I am confident that I am fully prepared and be able to rise to any challenge that presents before me. Since fashion design has no limits and I am a knowledge-hungry person, this program will help me to find out more about the philosophy of fashion and move towards my dream through state-of-art curriculum and leading academics. American universities foster a supportive and creative environment that has a customized approach for every student. All of these reasons combined attracted me to apply for studying in the US and hence it will be grateful for me if you would favorably consider my admission to one of American universities.

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