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Alexander Hamilton Essay Examples

Alexander Hamilton and the founding of the Nation

American history Introduction             Alexander Hamilton was a very controversial man of his age and he was a gifted statesman who was brought down by serious faults of arrogance, extreme candor and stubbornness. Hamilton’s career and life were marked by a dramatic rise to heroism, tragedy and scandal (Hamilton & Morris, 1957). However his contributions…

Alexander Hamilton vs Thomas Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had very different political views, which is why our first president, George Washington, had them both in his cabinet. Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury, while Jefferson was the first Secretary of State. These differences begin with who they thought should govern and what type of government was…

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton 1783-1800

The post-revolutionary war period of the Unites States saw the establishment of the first party system and an enlarging gap in viewpoints between the wealthy and the common man. One might argue that a political party develops in response to a series of controversial issues yet to a great extent the contradictory views of Alexander…



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Describe the “Sharp Differences” Dividing the Leadership of the Revolutionary Generation.

In January of 1790, Hamilton submitted a financial plan to Congress in order to help the country with its debt. James Madison, leader of the southern congressmen did not like Madison’s ideas and he blocked approval of the plan. Hamilton sought help Jefferson to help him with his problem. Jefferson arranged dinner with Hamilton, Madison…

Federalists vs Democratic Republicans Essay

From the beginning of the formation of a republic in the United States, many people feared the creation of factious voting blocks which would impose the will of a vocal minority on the majority of the people. Despite steps to avoid this, two political parties did form after George Washington stated that he would not…

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

Jefferson and Hamilton’s ideas and ideals differ about economics. The Jefferson and Hamilton debate changed a nation in the early stages of development. Hamilton’s economic plan for the nation included establishing a national bank like that in England to maintain public credit. All of Hamilton’s arguments would strengthen the federal government’s power at the expense…

Jefferson vs. Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were two very influential people with very different ideals. With land inherited from his father, Jefferson set himself up as a Virginia tobacco farmer. Once established as a planter, Jefferson entered Virginia politics. As a politician, he did not have the ability to make rousing speeches. Instead, Jefferson spoke eloquently…

Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Plan

After the Revolutionary War, the United States was left with a $52 million dollar national debt as well as a $25 million dollar debt from the individual states. Alexander Hamilton developed a financial plan to re establish the credit of the US by providing for the payment of the nation’s debts. Hamilton established the credit of…

Document Based Document; Federalists and Anti-Federalists

The different biased policies of which Federalists believed in interpreting the Constitution broadly, while Jeffersonian Republicans (Anti-Feds) believed it should be interpreted strictly, continued through the presidencies of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. However, throughout both of their terms, both parties eventually “switched” their ideals, and followed the other party’s belief. “Our country is too…

Hamilton Vs Jefferson Essay

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were two of the most politically influential men involved in building the new American government. They both agreed on creating a strong government, but disagreed on where the supreme power should be located. Hamilton wanted a strong central government, while Jefferson wanted strong state governments. Alexander Hamilton was a man…

The Political Theory of Alexander Hamilton and Its Reflection in American Political System

Alexander Hamilton was one of those political thinkers whose theory shaped the political profile of the young American nation. A theoretician of republicanism, author of about a half of the Federalist papers, signatory of the Constitution, friend of Washington and somehow an aristocratic idealist, Hamilton left a legacy, which continues to influence America until now….

Hamilton Versus Jefferson

The differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were certainly profound. Hamilton in general was more eloquent, a centralist, some may even call him a monarch-sympathizer. Thomas Jefferson was anti-federalism, pro-state authority, and overall down-to-earth. These two men have created the types of ideologies the modern two-party system operates by, despite George Washington’s warning of…

The Federalist Papers, John Jay

John Jay remarks in Federalist Number 3 that “[t]he safety of the people doubtless has relation to a great variety of circumstances and considerations, and consequently affords great latitude to those who wish to define it precisely and comprehensively  (Jay, 1787).”  By this he means that the new government has the ability to define and…

The Federalist Papers, James Madison

In the Federalist Papers, James Madison and others outline their logic both in favor of and against ratification of the Constitution.  One of the largest parts of these arguments was the discussion of separation of powers and functions.  James Madison outlined one problem inherent in having a multi-branched government—namely the idea of encroachment. He viewed…

The office of The Presidency

Arguing for a strong, central figure of authority in the American President, Alexander Hamilton made his feelings quite explicit in Federalist No. 70 that duplicity in regards to the Presidency is an undesirable position. For Hamilton, history was replete with examples of shared responsibility or rule-by-partnership which provoked tragic results. The lesson of history, according…

Good Essay Topics on Alexander Hamilton

Completing an essay about a famous person could be the difficult and challenging task if you are not acknowledged enough with this figure. If you received the task to complete a paper about Alexander Hamilton, it would be better for you to find information about him as a person and as a public figure and only then you will able to distinguish what to write about in your composition. Picking up a topic is the beginner step you are supposed to complete and it is one of the most important ones. Having a topic allows you to combine only necessary information and do not pay attention to the unimportant data. It helps to accentuate the readers and your attention on the particular sphere of figure’s life and recover it with details and concrete factual information.

To help you with the process of choosing what to write about in your paper, we want to suggest the list of persuasive essay topics that you might find useful.

  1. The success of Alexander Hamilton’s ideas
  2. The economic policies of Hamilton
  3. The concept of freedom in the Federalist papers
  4. Hamilton and his influence of the historical development
  5. Strength and Weaknesses of the Economic Plan
  6. The great depression and reconstructing of the financial system
  7. Biographical aspects of Alexander Hamilton
  8. Revolutionary generation and their leadership
  9. The political system by Hamilton
  10. The Presidency office
  11. The famous American statesman
  12. Founding Fathers and their political philosophy

Try to find enough sources that will enable you to support your statements and ideas. If you want to sound persuasive, you are supposed to hold up your opinions with the reliable facts. For that reason, while you are choosing the topic, be confident that you will find enough data on it.

Do not forget that your essay is not about choosing a topic. The main task is to discuss your ideas persuasively and sound convinced. You may look through different argumentative essay examples that are available on the internet and receive more ideas how to complete such paper.


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