Pros and Cons of Cellular and Landline Networks in Business

This article will examine the advantages and disadvantages of using both a cellular network and a landline network in a business environment. Despite each having their own pros and cons, many businesses opt to integrate both networks to stay flexible in today's fast-changing technological world. By merging the dependability of landline networks with the flexibility and portability of cellular networks, companies can enhance their communication abilities.

Both GSM and CDMA have their own pros and cons. Businesses should evaluate their specific requirements before choosing between the two.

GSM enables easy connectivity with global networks through SIM card swapping, which could result in reduced phone expenses.

CDMA technology, or Code Division Multiple Access, offers a broader selection of data options compared to GSM. It improves cellular network reliability by eliminating background noise, cross-talk, and interference for better voice clarity, call quality, and privacy. QUALCOMM's CDMA variable rate vocoder efficiently converts voice into high-rate digital transmissions (8kbps or 13kbps) to ensure clear voice quality and maximize system capacity.

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CDMA's spread spectrum signal allows for greater coverage in the wireless industry, enabling networks to be constructed with fewer cell sites compared to other wireless technologies. This reduction in cell sites leads to lower operating costs, benefiting both operators and consumers. CDMA networks are established using standard IP packet data protocols, eliminating the need for expensive upgrades to add new data equipment and phones in the network. cdmaOne phones already come equipped with TCP/IP and PPP protocols.

With CDMA, you can keep your phone on while the system and handset monitor power levels through power control.

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CDMA handsets transmit at low power levels, leading to extended battery life for longer talk and standby times. Additionally, CDMA handsets can use smaller batteries, making phones lighter and easier to carry. The patented "soft handoff" feature also reduces the chances of dropped calls during cell handoffs.

Soft handoff reduces dropped calls by having multiple cells monitor your call simultaneously, but using purely cellular networks still has drawbacks. Coverage may be limited to certain regions depending on the type of phone used in the network, such as CDMA being limited to North America and select locations worldwide. GSM, which is more versatile with other providers using SIM cards, is becoming less common in North America as companies are transitioning to CDMA.

One significant drawback is the reliance on battery life for mobile devices, typically lasting only 6 to 12 hours with continuous use, while landline phones draw power from the phone line itself. Additionally, data connections on mobile devices may not always perform at their best. Wireless networks are also vulnerable to interference like radiation and electronic cross talk. On the other hand, landline networks offer more reliability compared to cell phones as disconnected cables can be easily fixed.

Cellular phones face various problems due to their dependence on a network of radio waves, cellular towers, and satellites, such as dropped calls and poor reception in certain areas. In emergencies, the reliability and fixed location of land line phones provide an advantage over cell phones, as they allow for immediate medical care without the worry of poor reception or the need to waste time stating an address.

Land line phones are favored by many users for their comfort and security. The larger size of land line phones allows users to easily hold the phone between their head and shoulder, freeing up their hands for other activities like cleaning, cooking, or typing. In addition, data is transmitted through a fixed medium with land line phones, making them more secure compared to cell phones. Cell phone conversations can be intercepted easily via radio waves in the air, while intercepting land line conversations requires physically installing bugging devices in the phones or phone wires.

Generally, landline phones are more affordable compared to cell phones. The initial setup costs, hardware expenses, and calling rates for cell phones tend to be higher. Many landline service providers include free local calls. Despite the benefits, there are drawbacks as well. For one, mobility is limited with landline phones. While cordless phones offer some freedom, you are still restricted to areas with clear reception in the house. Additionally, if you do not use a landline frequently, the monthly rental fees could become a financial burden.

Ultimately, the basic landline offers limited services such as caller ID, call waiting, and three-way calling. Without a more advanced service like Talkswitch, your options are restricted. In my view, a hybrid system is the ideal choice for businesses of any size. While the cost may be higher, combining both services provides the reliability of a landline along with the flexibility and mobility of a cellular network. This is especially beneficial for IT consulting firms with clients scattered across various locations, as it allows for receiving data on the go.

Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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