Why Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools?

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Cellular devices should be allowed to remain on during class time. The primary reason is if a student has an unexpected family emergency, their parent, or guardian should be capable of contacting them. In addition, some students must be able to get a hold of their parents, or friends that drive them home to confirm that they still have a ride, or if sudden adjustments with rides occur. If the students are not allowed to keep their cell phones on and something terribly serious takes place at home, or various other places with family members or friends, the school may perhaps be held responsible for the student not knowing.

Cell phones should unquestionably be allowed to stay on in class.

Students hold the right to keep their cellular phones on for the entire period of class time. The students are mature enough to uphold their rights as human beings. You take our cell phone liberties away, what other freedoms will strip from us? As American citizens we must come together and protest for our cell phone rights.

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It is our right and sovereignty to have our cell phones on in class.

It is extremely wrong that our school and district requests that we the students be mature adults, although they will not permit us to make the decision if we should be on our cell phones or not. I recognize that numerous students are not grown-up enough to attain having the right to use or cell phones in class. However, that is why we include consequences.

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There is no equality in confiscating the rights away from those who can handle being a responsible adult because of the few who cannot. The majority of the students can identify when it is an acceptable time to utilize their mobile phones.

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Why Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in Schools?

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