A Personal Essay on the Impact of the English Language

I do agree with Lederer statement. With all the different nationalities in the U.S. we hear a lot of different dialects. People speak English in a very different way. Some people might think someone is pronouncing tomato wrong if they are from up North, considering a person is from down South. In this paper, I will be discussing how I feel about how my family, friends, and neighbors speak English. I will also be discussing how the way I speak English is connected with my identity and who I am as a person.

I do believe the way other people use the English language is different and unique in America.

To begin with, a lot of people speak some kind of English all across the United States of America. Some people are not all from America, so sometimes their English sounds broken. A person might be from a different country and the way they pronounce their words might sound strange to some people who are used to hearing the English language one way.

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A person could come from China and might pronounce some basic English words with difficulty, and a person might ask them to repeat what they just said because they could not understand their English accent. Whatever the case may be, people speak English in various forms all across the United States. Some people might be from up North or South, and might have a whole different pronunciation on the same word. How people use the English language differs.

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Furthermore, how my family, friends, and neighbors use the English language is totally different depending on the situation. If I am out with my friends most likely I will use slang terms. My friends and I might say “What’s up?” instead of “hey, hello, or what is going on”.

When my friends use the English language we might be more relaxed with the English language. On the other hand, when I am speaking in class or handling business, I will use proper English instead of slang terms. When I am home with my family I might be prone to being more comfortable with the English language because I am most comfortable with my family. My family and I might find it better communicating with each other in more of a relaxed English tone, instead of using yes sir and yes ma’am constantly. The way we use our English is very important for our communication and how we connect with each other.

Moreover, English was my very first language since birth. I was raised to be well spoken and to show respect to my elders. As some people would find it difficult to say yes sir and ma’am. My mother started me at a very young age to speak with respect. So, I was two and three learning how to talk upright. My mother would tell me to speak clearly so that others would be able to understand what I was saying. So as you see, it was important for me to learn English well at an early age. I use the English language properly so, that I can go to school and become productive. Being diverse in our English language was very important to my growth.

To conclude, I do believe the way people use the English language is different across the United States. Whether, people use the English language in different dialects or tones the English language is very unique in each region. A person might hear a person pronounce a word one way, but that is what makes the English language unique. There is a lot of diversity in the English language.

The English language makes up for each family and how they connect. With my family and friends, we are able to express ourselves in other terms, whereas if we were somewhere else they might think that we were out of context. My use of the English language is very important to my upbringing and my growth as an individual. I was taught to learn different aspects of the English language, so that I can learn how to communicate with all types of people. The English language is very diverse all across the United States, which makes it unique to be heard.

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