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English Language in Thailand

Language is playing nowadays one of the most important roles in cross-cultural communication, because it is a door into new culture and traditions. Therefore, the role of English language is swiftly increasing. It is known that English has been influencing Thai culture since the beginning of the 20th century and today Thailand is more and more popular among English-speaking and other foreign tourists. The next moment to mention is that country continues to expand its businesses in the international market place.

However, the most crucial factor leading to English implications is, surely, entrance to WTO. Therefore, English language plays important role for Thailand and Thai population. English helps Thai government to develop tourism industry and to promoted Thai goods and service in the international markets. Additionally, Thai students nowadays prefer to choose studying internationally, especially in the United Kingdom and the USA as well as in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

English language in Thailand has been significantly developed “over the last two decades and while it hasn’t reached saturation, it is probably almost as developed now as other countries in the region like Japan or Korea though it is growing fast”.

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Apparently, many Thai people can speak English rather well and many other are able to understand some English and the number of people who are willing to learn English is increasing. Many language schools are opened in the country as well as many private schools and international schools (schools using the curriculum of a foreign country). Agencies sending Thai students to foreign countries benefit significantly to English expansion.

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Nevertheless, certain obstacles to English learning exist in Thailand. For example, it is very expensive for Thai student to be taught by a native English speaker. Therefore, not all students have equal opportunities in learning language. Furthermore, shortage of English teachers and instructors is apparent.


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English Language in Thailand

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