A Letter To Myself

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No one knows you better than you know yourself.  Moreover, out of all you will experience receiving a letter from yourself 50 years ahead in space-time will be your most profound experience.  So, here I am communicating with myself to inform what I have to look forward to in life. In writing I’m remembering receiving this letter five decades ago.  The odd thing is remembering its receipt but experiencing the writing for the first time.  With only 500 words, rather than focus on the strangeness addressing what will be is my mission.

  Your life will be a strange and cruel mix of wonder and despair.  You will experience a living nightmare for love.  You’ll marry a woman who’ll turn out to be schizophrenic.  Dealing with her will be more than troublesome, yet the finer qualities of your character will arise out of the ashes of that experience. Knowing I received this letter will not prevent you from having the experience.

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  We all are purposed to play a role in life.  Writing this letter affirms some things are inevitable, even when you know about them in advance.

You’re at an age where talk of marriage and difficult times are somewhat distant to your experience.  You’re yet to reach your teen years and the joy those years will bring.  Like yourself mom will undergo a troublesome marriage after she and dad divorce.  What you see in her next marriage will be a prophecy for your own.  In the midst of seeing her struggles will be happenings in your life that others will envy.

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  You’ll be very popular in high school and college.  You’ll turn out to be a champion sprinter and hurdler, you’ll sing in a singing group that will gain national prominence and you’ll have girlfriends that most men could only hope for.  Your teen and early adult years will be rewarding.  Those times I still treasure all these years having passed.

Your love for learning will be a beacon to illuminate the way through your marital troubles.  Your field of study, along with your faith would be means to help you recover from troublesome times following your marriage.  This will be a battle however, one that would probably break the average man.  You’ll spend almost two decades unraveling the turmoil you experienced in being married for one decade.  In this you’ll get to know yourself as few people do.  You’ll become very wise and insightful as a result and you’ll be a blessing for what life will take you through.

Do not be dismayed at what tomorrow will bring, it will lead to wonderful ends.  You will have a son who will do well in life.  A woman will come into your life who will be a dream come true and you’ll wind up content in your living.  You will appreciate life’s foibles and remember , “Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.”  (Albert Einstein, Great Quotations, pg. 225)  That’s what you’ll do I’m proud to say.


Einstein, Albert, The Great Quotations, 225, George Seldes, May, 1978.

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A Letter To Myself

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