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Essay on A Hero

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Was Andrew Carnegie a Hero?

To sum it all up, Andrew Carnegie was hero because he was capable, responsible, and philanthropic. Andrew Carnegie had tried his best in life to make his families and other people’s life better; easier. Because Carnegie was born into poverty, he understood the feelings of the poor, and when he became wealthy, he wanted to try to help those who are less fortunate to become a bit more fortunate to...

The Fate of a Hero: Ironman The Modern Hero

The story of Tony Stark as Iron man is one of a true modern hero that closely follows the stages of Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Campbell was able to basically summarize the movie of Ironman decades before the script was even written; therefor Ironman is just as much as a hero as the old tales of Odysseus or Hercules. Ironman set out on a journey, achieved his goals and returned ho...

Tragedy involves the downfall of a hero as a result of his tragic flaw

It can therefore be concluded that although the tragic flaw plays a large part in the inciting of the hero’s tragic flaws, it is the interaction between the context, characters and the hero’s actions which ultimately brings about his demise. In Othello the foil of Iago in conjunction with the innocent nuances of other characters, dramatic irony and Othello’s insecurity which gives rise to hi...

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Is Macbeth a hero or villain?

In conclusion, MacBeth is a complicated character whose human nature means that he retains both good and evil qualities from the start of the play to the finish. He was heroic by being a strong person, a hero to Scotland, a Lord under the instruction of King Duncan, and having no reason to feel hopeless with where he is in life. Macbeth’s bravery, sense of right and wrong and his hesitant method...

"He Is More Than A Hero" written by Sappho

There are also a few other pieces of evidence that suggest that the poet Sappho was a homosexual. She was a resident of an city known as "Lesbos". The name of the city had a striking similarity to a word which is given to homosexual women of modern times "Lesbian". It is also said that she was often surrounded by women who were her "students". Though this evidence can be seen as being only circums...

Beowulf as a hero in modern society

While battling Grendel's mother, Beowulf seeks assistance from an ancient blade. With this sword, he delivers a final blow to the neck of the monster. After determining that she is death, he still proceeds and decapitates her. He then returns with the head and displays it in Heorot. The decapitation of Grendel's mother illustrates Beowulf as disrespectful and in violation of the heroic code, which...

Was Napoleon a hero or a tyrant?

He meant that revolutions are constantly occurring during life, whether on a small scale or large scale, reforms are frequently being made and fought for. The only thing that could change the path of a revolution is if someone who was influenced by it made their point and continued fighting for more. He in deed gave a direction for the revolution and for the people who trusted him and put them in ...

Defining a Hero: Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Atticus Finch’s Heroism

That is the promise of modern literature; veracity, despite the overwhelming depression of life and its deception toward everyman. Writers are honest in their writing, and in modern literature realism and not heroic standards of Greek drama but the Achilles heel is what is depicted. Whether or not the novel ends on a happy or sad note, the point is choice – despite Atticus being a tragic hero hi...

"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" as a Hero's Quest

By helping Jim, Huck finds the truth of life; all men are born free and equal. Bibliography Smith, S. (1985). Racism, society and freedom in Huck Finn. London: London Press Twain, M. (1994). Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Toronto: Dover Publications, Inc. ( original work published 1885) Trilling, L. (1977). On Huck's attitude toward Slaver. New York: University of Iowa Press. Steinke, J. (2003). ...

Guy Montag as a Hero

Once Montag becomes more human, Bradbury makes it nearly impossible for the reader to hold grudges about his past. Using this as a tool, Montag, the first apparent antagonist of the story, overcomes the government, which is the real antagonist, and emerges as the hero. From a work literature you have read in or out of school, select a character that, in your opinion, is heroic. In a well-developed...

Odysseus: The Qualities of a Hero

This incident is the best proof of how cunning Odysseus is. The protagonist of Homer’s “The Odyssey” is indeed an admirable character. With his physical strength, courage, and cunning, Odysseus has proven himself a true hero after he overcame all the obstacles in his journey. These three qualities make Odysseus a character which readers can look up to. Work Cited Homer. “The Odyssey. ” P...

The Legend of Mulan: a Heroine of Ancient China

1. Wikipedia. Hua Mulan. Nov. 10. 2010. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Nov. 21. 2010. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hua_Mulan>. 2. Yuan, Jack. Ballad of Mulan. Apr. 22. 2010. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Nov. 21. 2010. <http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Ballad_of_Mulan>. 3. Wikipedia. Mulan. Nov. 12. 2010. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Nov. 21. 2010. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulan_%281998_f...

Bill Gates Is a Hero

People look up to him for many things, but this is the most noble and beneficial, which turns an influential person into a quintessential role model for millions of people. Bill Gates, a positive person and role model, has done much for this nation and world with his motivation, ability to learn, and positive attitude. He is one of the most successful people alive because of all that he has achiev...

Gilgamesh: a Hero's Journey

He accepts he will not have eternal life, but if he rules the city of Uruk well, it will continue to grow and live on after him. Although there can be some discrepancy on whether Gilgamesh is truly a hero, the answer can be found by comparing Gilgamesh to the difference pieces of the hero’s journey. After analyzing every component of separation or departure, initiation, and the return, it is cle...

Qualities of a Hero

Valor - is courage exhibited in war, and can not be applied to single combats. Selfless - is the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others and acting with less concern for yourself. Conviction - is a fixed or strong belief; a necessity of the mind or an unshakable belief. Focused - is the ability to direct one's energy toward a particular point or purpose; to concentrate one's energy....

Perseus best proves he is a hero with great fighting skills by


Michael Jordan. a Hero?

Upon retiring, he said that he would play for no one except his coach, Phil Jackson. (Michael Jordan’s Biography). Although, fans, teammates, and opponents may not have liked his behavior, all of the aforementioned qualities combined to create the legend that he is today. Michael Jordan, number twenty-three, retired in 2003, after playing a season for the Wizards. He built numerous players durin...

There is a hero in all of us waiting to be released

In conclusion, Tsotsi's transition from aggression to confusion and enlightened helps one to realise that Tsotsi is a hero in his own right, as he was able to change his way of thinking. Although he is not a conventional hero whom helped save society or has done something for the greater good of others, He was able to save himself by slowly allowing his heart to heal. He was able to save what was ...

Oprah Winfrey is a Hero

She has influenced me to work hard despite any need I may endure during the process. You can look at her experiences and be motivated to move forward in life. Its so surreal to have a hero you love and adore and you had actually met in real life. Oprah Winfrey has definitely won the recognition as one of the world's most generous and influential women that rushed to help all those in need without ...

Gatsby is more of an anti-hero than a hero

This sliver of morality is enough to claim that Gatsby is mores a traditional hero than an anti-hero. To conclude, after careful consideration we determine that Gatsby is indeed more of an anti-hero than a hero due to his general lack of redeeming features. It could be argued that there are no heroes in The Great Gatsby, and that is one of the aspects that make it stand out in the literary world. ...

Heart of Darkness: a Heros Journey

In the end of Marlow’s journey he returns with the Elixir. He keeps the Elixir a secret from everyone around him, as to keep the world save from his impure truth. As previously stated, this Elixir does not bring wellness, status or health, but he has a private view to the evilness of our own souls. Conrad’s novella is an expose on the cruelty of our own race; it shows the true nature of people...

Henry in the Red Badge of Courage: A Hero or a Coward?

People are either risking their lives to save the lives of others or they are just running away, being absent from the fight because they do not want to get hurt. In The Red Badge of Courage, that is exactly what Henry was doing during the first half of the book. Later on, Henry character changed to the hero because he got tired of being called something he did not want to be called. People can st...

FAQ about A Hero

How Bilbo Baggins Changed to Become a Hero

...“ Then Bilbo, not without a shudder, not without a glance of longing, handed the marvelous stone to Bard,” This shows that he is willing to give up anything, even the amazing Arkenstone and the friendship with Thorin, to do what’s right. Althou ...

Why is Atticus a hero?

...In conclusion, Atticus is a hero on many levels. He is a heroic role model to his children, and heroic in his beliefs and actions on human rights, even if most white people in Maycomb County disagree with him. Atticus always maintains his dignity in ...

What Makes Someone a Hero

...According to me Mother Theresa who sacrificed her whole life to serve others, Marie Curie who invented Radium which ultimately led to her death are Heroes. It’s not that they haven’t left with any choices that they have to sacrifice their lives. ...

What Extent Does Miller Present Proctor As a Hero In the Cruicible?

...The accusations became out of control and many people were asked to 'name names' of people in meetings held many years ago. Miller was himself brought before the committee led by Joseph McCarthy. He saw the public confessions required by the committe ...

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