Role of Celebrities in Promoting of Different Products

Celebrities may not only enjoy their movie awards or other dramatic success in their prized field but also they can easily benefit from the business industry. Fame can turn a celebrity into an idol of consumption, and even an entrepreneur. Being a celebrity means that one can easily reach millions in no time as well as influencing those people.

In branding, the important goal is to reach as many people as possible, while influencing their perception and acceptance of a certain product or service.

Thereby, idols of consumption and idols of production take place to influence a brand by reaching a specific segment by positioning their product in the market.

Branding main goal can be the emotional reaction and feeling provoked when one observes or hears that specific brand, which is, in turn, the results of the sum total of all that personal experience, in a negative or positive way. Unfortunately, branding isn’t only introducing a product to the public by sharing it publically.

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That approach may have worked in the past but today a brand needs to be remarkable and experiences are a huge part of making anything sustainably remarkable. Additionally, idols can influence a brand dramatically, whether idols of production or idols of consumption.

Advertising a product by celebrities is a huge thing for a brand to consider. Considering the importance of consumption, it is no doubt that sports have a huge impact on marketing, especially football. Some football players are considered brand by their own, Many football players are very famous and legendaries; besides, they have fans worldwide even from different countries and culture that aren’t the same as the football player.

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Being a football player giver one the advantage of controlling their own personal branding as a result of building a loyal and huge fame among their fans from only their name. Hence, it varies on the brand target consumer and positioning. However, football players can be easily fit into numerous products and/or services that may even sometimes not be related to their field and credibility. For instance, a football player may market for toothpaste, shampoo, healthcare, clothes, merchandise, and even consumer products.

Consequently, there are plenty of examples that prove and emphasize the importance of idols of consumption by being a football player, from Mo Sallah, Messi, Neymar, to Cristiano Ronaldo.

Speaking of the influence of football players as being “Idol of consumption”, Cristiano Ronaldo can be a perfect example for emphasizing that one person can be considered as both, Idol of production as well as an idol of consumption.

Therefore, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a Portuguese professional football player and often considered to be the best player in the world and regarded by many as one of the greatest of all time. Ronaldo is a perfect example to represent and prove of the power of fame in forming a whole new category other than the idols of production and the idols of consumption.

From the idol of consumption perspective, Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be the world’s most famous athlete by Espana in 2016, 2017, and 2018. His reputation flourished since joining the Manchester United team. Besides, Ronaldo partnered by several sponsorship deals for consumer products, like soft drinks, electronics, video games, clothing, and even financial services and the list goes on. Additional information, according to Forbes, Ronaldo’s son football earnings were more than $73 million in 2013-2014 and $79 million in 2014- 2015. To conclude this viewpoint of being Idol of consumption, Cristiano Ronaldo took benefit of his fame efficiently to market and promote consumer products that aren’t by no mean related to his profession and career, and that what makes him perfectly fit to being “Idol of consumption”

In accordance with the idol of consumption, Cristiano Ronaldo has proved that he has and still a significant success as being an idol of production as well. From his profession view which is the football and sports industry, Ronaldo by no doubt is a perfect figure to mention. His credibility is a phenomenon, from the 15 trophies that he won to being real Madrid's all-time top goal scorers. Besides, he is the first player to win the trophy 5 times. His achievements and success couldn’t easily be summed in an easy.

As a result, he is considered to be an expert in this field. As proving that idol of production can be achieved with an idol of consumption, a recent case study provided a strong support of a significant cluster of reliability and profession of being ” Cristiano Ronaldo”.

On the 10th of July 2018, Ronaldo signed a four-year contract with Juventus, an Italian football club. Juventus paid more than $(euro) 100 million, plus solidarity contributions, becoming the highest ever paid athlete/football player by an Italian club.

Not to be surprised, Juventus decision to transfer Cristiano Ronaldo to its team was such a fortune. Since Ronaldo signed for the club on the 10th of July, Juventus has pretty much sold out its entire inventory of 2018- 19 home shirts on the back of Cristiano Ronaldo influence. As a result, the club store sold out its own stock of its authentic Adidas home jersey, which is $ 150 (euro) each. Additionally, tickets were all sold out for the whole season, these results were only conducted in less than a week. Selling a whole seasons stock of jerseys in a month, Juventus never experienced this amount of sales. They underestimated people’s dramatic unexpected behavior to Ronaldo’s effect.

Ronaldo used his fame powerfully. Hence, he is a perfect example of being celebrity entrepreneurial branding. Cristiano Ronaldo has his own brand besides his online store in all regions. His brand isn’t fully related to football but it is more toward Ronaldo himself and fashion lifestyle.

So the celebrity endorsement advantages, Cristiano Ronaldo fits efficiently into 4 characteristics, which are mobilization, publicity, credibility, and funding. Additionally, Ronaldo brought to the table wide attention to the way the markets and brands beyond his fame.

Ronaldo, his way of endorsement techniques is adaptable to the type of advertisement/branding. In my opinion, he masters both. He fits perfectly to portray the meaning of both, the idol of consumption and idol of production. He may seem that he conveys his career and credibility as being a football player in promoting gear or clothes. On the other hand, promoting consumer product and lifestyle, Ronaldo convey his attractiveness and how good looking he is according to the social standards. Besides, as a professional football player, he includes recalling shoots of him playing or receiving a trophy for instance while promoting consumer products.

Critically speaking, Idol of consumption and idol of promotion is still valid these days but it does not stop here only. Idol of promotion is the result of combining the idol of consumption with an idol of production. It rationalizes the influence of both.

Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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