Should Media Spend Too Much Attention on Personal Lives of Celebrities

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Since the big evolution of both science and media in the past fifty years, it’s getting easier and easier to people have any kind of information they want. Furthermore, modern media, such as television, newspapers and magazines have reinforced our accesses to news about public figures and celebrities. Nowadays, it is not even unusual reading shocking news in magazines about personal lives of famous people.

Some people think that media should pay much attention to personal lives of celebrities and having that information is the best way to get to know them.

However, based on my personal opinion, I strongly disagree with that statement and I think media should not give any unnecessary information about personal lives of celebrities, which is harmful to our society. Despite the development of the Internet, television is still one of the most important and influential sources of information.

Many people choose this means of getting information and entertainment because of its simplicity and convenience.

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Currently, many countries in the world have TV shows about celebrities, which almost all of them gained big popularity and good rating. These TV shows mostly gained their popularity and good rating through providing lots of irrelevant information about personal lives of famous people. Many parents claim that their children are being exposed to too much inappropriate content in the media.

Nowadays, celebrity news often takes the headlines above world events and impacts of these are huge because people are getting more and more addicted to celebrities. People act like their idol; finance a Corvette on credit when a Ford Focus is their entire budget allows, buy clothes that they don’t like and try even talk and act like their idols.

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Consequences of all of these are that people are losing their own identities and often relate to celebrities more easily than to their own friends and neighbors.

According to Evans and Hesmondhalgh (2005), “Entertainment publications, like the popular Entertainment Weekly and the nefarious National Enquirer, sell around five million copies on a weekly basis”. Therefore, we can conclude from this statement, that people spending more and more money on entertainment magazines, which can negatively affect their financial situation. In order to attract their readers, magazines’ photographers keep chasing celebrities trying to catch them in embarrassing moments and they often take pictures while they are smoking or drinking.

As I mentioned before, people try to look like their idols, so pictures while celebrities smoking or drinking can encourage young fans to do it, which can be harmful for their health. Therefore, in my opinion, media should turn a little bit from their current focus to other aspects of the society and concentrate more on celebrities’ achievements, rather than their personal lives. Once, media accomplished that we can build advanced and civilized society for our next generations.

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Should Media Spend Too Much Attention on Personal Lives of Celebrities

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