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The media has far too much power over people's opinion

Categories Entertainment, Media, People, Power, Television

Essay, Pages 2 (294 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (294 words)

We live in a time and age that people are daily bombarded with news of any kind not only on TV, on the radio or in the press but also on the Internet. Numerous news bulletins on the same subject is a common phenomenon whose receivers do not have time to develop an opinion of their own and they just repeat what they have heard,seen or read without processing it. People, nowadays, have been leading a very demanding life, especially when it comes to their professional one and it is widely known that they have very little time to be personally informed about current affairs or discuss various matters with colleagues and friends.

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As a result, they hear or read whatever news there is either on the radio or on TV and the Internet (without filtering what they take in) and they do not feel that they have heard the whole story unless they have double checked it with the media.

It is as if they will not believe what fellow people say but they will believe the journalist who will make the announcement on TV. A fair example can be one that has to do with politics. The public seems to be driven or even guided during election period and the people tend to use quotes by their favorite politicians in order to persuade their family and friendly environment to vote in favour of them. Nevertheless, it is a sad fact to realise that this situation has been going on just because people reproduce whatever they see or read without personally commenting on the facts.

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To sum up, the media have obtained so much power over the years that people cannot live without watching TV, reading a newspaper or listening to the radio.

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