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Are Celebrities Good Role Models?

Categories: Role Model

Today’s society revolves around the lives of those we call “famous” or “celebrities”, we are more focused on the lives of these people then our own. Today’s children see Celebrities as role models, however they are seen as role models for the wrong reasons and set a bad example for children. Although not all Celebrities are bad role models, a frightening amount are. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Robin Thicke are prime examples of bad celebrity role models.

Cyrus is well known for glorifying drug use and dressing inappropriately, Bieber is famous for using his money inappropriately and having several run-ins with the law and Thicke is known for his song “Blurred Lines” which hints at rape on several occasions, although they have been involved in controversies they are still seen as good people by today’s youth who seem to ignore the negatives these people portray. Celebrities seem to be involved in all kinds of controversy, Ranging from Affairs, Drug abuse, Alcoholism, Driving under influence and discriminatory comments.

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These celebrities pose a danger to today’s youth as they start to think there are little consequences to doing these things which is not true at all. One specific celebrity that is held in high regard to thousands of young boys in England predominately is Paul Gascoigne or “Gazza”. Paul Gascoigne was an English football player who rose to fame worldwide during the 1990 World Cup held in Italy. Gascoigne’s heroic performances earned him a place in the nation’s heart and made him one of the most famous Football players in the last 100 years.

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However “Gazza” quickly found himself in a downwards spiral with his troubled childhood and addiction to Alcohol turning him into a mess. In 1998 he first entered sustained therapy sessions when he was admitted into Priory Hospital after a drinking session where he drank 32 shots of whisky which left him at “rock bottom” Since 2004 he has battled with addictions to: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Red Bull, Junk Food, Gambling and exercise.

In 2008 he was taken into protective custody after he attempted suicide while drunk. On 9th July 2010 Gascoigne appeared at the scene of the tense stand-off between the police and Raoul Moat, claiming to be a friend of Raoul Moat and stating that he had brought him “a can of lager, some chicken, fishing rod, a Newcastle shirt and a dressing gown”. After all the controversies he has been involved in Gascoigne is still held high in the hearts of England fans and somehow is thought of as inspirational.

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