What I feel most passionate about in life?

How would someone interpret the word “passion”? For someone it might be overwhelming sense of euphoria that is coursed by inner maturity. For another one it will reflect the level of needs satisfied. However, opinions differ, so let’s dive into the world of passion through the prism of my interests and benefits. Everyone knows the magic power of the word “freedom”, its lovely smell of free fly within the unlimited ray of desired energy. And what could be more thrilling, more amusing, and correspondingly more passionate then exploring new horizons, discovering new lands and absorbing the sweet stream of travel liquid.

Having experienced the trip to such exotic countries as Taiwan, China, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and France, I cannot help admitting the irresistible impulse to keep on moving towards the new lands, further, further, further... It’s like a primitive bent followed by me in order to reincarnate my human being. Every time when I join another cultural society I am imbued with the desire to cognize the inner thing of the mentality, always trying to find more about history of this or that population.

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The wider the variety of nations I’m surfing the more cultural values I’m enriching myself with. It’s like the addiction to progress, to ascend the staircase of cognition. Once you met the peculiarity of Far East you are tending towards East Europe, may be to compare, and may be to confirm your conjecture. For now I am planning to approach the number of countries that, undoubtedly, will increase my horizon of perception and experience.

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In the nearest future my route will lie through Greek and Italy with all its priceless wealth of world property.

Then will come to Eastern Europe to face the Slavonic mentality. Next on my way will be Egypt with its eternal mystery and Africa Safari with innocent wild life. And of course Tibet to get acquainted with Buddhism culture. No one will deny that we all differ in its way. We all have its interests and passionate ideas. For someone my priority will cause the rejections and disputes. But, anyway, let my words sound to every passionate person. Be free and enjoy!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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