Gorillas In The Mist Essay

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Gorillas In The Mist

“Gorillas in the Mist” by Dian Fossey was published in 1983. The author of the book devoted her life to the study of primates. This particular book is based in Africa where Fossey studied the lives and habits of the rare mountain gorillas of the Ugandan wilderness. She spent a considerable amount of time with these creatures and developed a special means of communication with the gorillas. During her visit to Africa and the time she spent studying these reclusive gorillas, Fossey discovered that the gorillas were basically a peaceful animal and it was humans who were their enemies in the form of poachers.

They hunted them for their hands, skins and heads. They had no mercy with them and sold their remains to tourist markets. Gorillas in the Mist is about Dian Fossey’s experience and it is more or less her memoir and plea for protection of gorillas that were completely harmless. She was a very strong advocate of suppression of these poachers and their black market activities. This book is extremely detailed and describes every interaction she had with the gorillas and how she developed a relationship with them.

The reader also gets a very clear idea about poachers and the risk that these gorillas face in Africa. She makes great effort to communicate through her book that she is making every effort to stop these poachers and from ensuring that these wild animals are not hunted to death. Overall, this book is an eye-opener for all those who are concerned about the fate of wild and rare animals such as these gorillas.

Today, there are less than 650 of these mountain gorillas and they are still at risk from these ruthless poachers. The author herself was murdered in 1985. It is generally believed that it was the poachers who wanted to silence her because she was very vocal about her cause. The problem still exists and while measures have been taken to minimize poaching activities, wild animals such as these mountain gorillas are still at risk from humans. Bibliography 1. Fossey, Dian. (1983) Gorillas in the Mist.

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