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Village Essay Examples

Country Life Is Better Than City Life

Today’s life has many difficulties and people are the victims, so they plan to make it easy as they canother. So they can reach a good position. They have more friends in the community since it is small. The village people always try to protect their traditional habits and culture. Life in the village has…

City Life is Better Than Village Life

In Certain cases, never cross your mind that City life is better than village life. However, there are so many advantages and disadvantages in city life and village life, also there is a big differ in the lifestyle with a little similarities. Reality, city life is more comfortable and civilization. As will as there are…

When Rain Clouds Gather

Chief Matenje is an example of corrupt leadership – particularly, the corrupt and oppressive leadership seen on the African continent. He is the antagonist and villain of the novel “When Rain Clouds Gather”. When we are first introduced to Chief Matenje, he is referred to as the “troublesome and unpopular brother” of the “paramount chief…



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“The Curse” by Lee Su Ann

The novel that I have chosen is The Curse by Lee Su Ann. In this novel there are a few strong characters. Among these characters, the character that I think has strongly influenced the others in a negative way is Puan Normala. Puan Normala, one of the villagers, is described by Siti as a “slimy…

Some wonderfull events in my life

Everybody in the world is pass from different and various events during his/her lives. I also observed and pass through the many events from my childhood up to present now. As I grow up I perceives knowledge form the education, nature, etc. He enjoys events or occasion, makes friends, etc. Friends are very important in…

The Doum Tree of Wad Hamid

The Doum Tree of Wad Hamid serves as a bridge between two worlds, the modern and the untouched. Unfortunately untouched is not be the correct word to use as it becomes apparent that this village has in fact had its fair share of visitors. The story begins itself with one of these visitors being led…

The Soul of the Real India Lives in Its Villages

Villages are the backbone of a nation. The sky scrapers in cities and in metropolitans are having their root in villages and being strait and majestic because of the backbone, villages. Villages are the mirror of one Nation’s virgin culture, social life and natural beauty. Development of a nation is a complete one only with…

One Wish

In a small village called “one wish”. It is a village that everyone will be grant one wish from the angel which could be anything. One man wishes ‘ I want to be a billionaire ‘ one women wishes ‘I wish I would be healthy and never get ill until the rest of my life’…

Kampung Desa

Life was a bed of roses for the villagers of Kampung Desa until a gang of robbers had fled from a police station near the village recently. They were on the most wanted list by the police since they had harmed victims before. Ever since their getaway, there had been abundant of reports involving robbery…

Is the world really becoming a “global village?”

The term ‘Global Village’ can be defined as the ‘involvement of all people from entire world community. ’ A community is a group of people, who interact and share certain things as a group. Directly or indirectly, the developments in the area of science and technology catalyses the phrase ‘Global Village’. Rapid developments in transportation…

African People in the Global Village

Certain things happen in one’s life, whether one likes them or not. You can not stand apart from it; you need to experience the process of going through it. Let me give the example of a car. It has two types of movements-forward movement and lateral movement. The energy (petrol, gas etc. ) relates to…

Impact of Women Reservation

Various political parties have staunchly opposed it because they fear many of their male leaders would not get a chance to fight elections if 33. 3 percent seats are reserved for women. The Bill has also been opposed by politicians from the socially and economically backward classes. To know more visit given below link. Impact…

Indian village

In a small Indian village, a young child, Natu, wanders away into the jungle and was assumed to have been killed by the evil man-eating tiger Sheer Khan. In the other hand, a pack of wolves took care of the boy as one of their pups and named him Mowgli. Raksha, his wolf mother, kept…


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