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Everybody knows that feeling of relaxing on the water on a nice cool day and hoping to catch their dream fish. This may seem easy, but it actually isn’t. This sport takes a ton of practice and good technique to find that monster you have always wanted.
There are two main types of fishing today that consist of freshwater and saltwater fishing. Fishing in freshwater means there is minimal to no salt in the water. And the opposite goes for saltwater fishing. Freshwater fish are entirely different from saltwater fish. They require different technique and equipment.
Freshwater fishing is very relaxing and enjoyable. When fishing in freshwater there are somethings to know and remember. For an example, always wash your hands before and after touching you lure/bait. Fish have a really good sense of smell that can smell your scent if you don’t clean up properly. This could be a deal breaker from you catching that 8 pound bass or just moss.

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