Essays on Funniest Incident In My Life

A Funny Incident that Happened to Me
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There were many embarrassing times and situations in the primary school since I was very cognitive and restless child. I spent a large portion of my childhood looking through (and sometimes reading) my set of World Book Encyclopedias, which my dad got me as a present for each of my birthday till I was 9 years old. One day, when I was 7, I ran across a picture of a bologna tree. However, I didn’t actually read the article about…...
A Funny IncidentCommunicationFunniest Incident In My Life
The Funny Incident
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I was driving home one wintry evening, at the end of an ordinary day at work, looking forward to the dinner my wife was preparing. Most of the time, I was deep in thought recalling the day's matters. My home was in the suburbs and since I worked in the town centre, I had to drive through its streets to get back. It was getting dark and had just begun to rain. I stopped at a crossroad when the traffic…...
A Funny IncidentFunniest Incident In My LifeTraffic Light
Disastrous Date or a Funny Incident
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3 years ago my buddy set me up on an arranged date, but prior to going on the date I desired to be familiar with my possible date. After speaking with him for a couple of weeks and being familiar with him we finally decided to have our first date. He was a gentleman he pertained to the airport to pick me up, opened the door and was polite. Our conversation in the automobile had no uncomfortable moments of silence…...
A Funny IncidentFunniest Incident In My Life
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A Funny Incident
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Hostel life is not without its disadvantages. The rich students get sufficient money from their parents and therefore spend lavishly. The poor boarders also urge their parents to increase their monthly allowance and spend their hard earned money on luxuries. The company of the rich also makes them pick up their bad habits. They start smoking. Some of them take to intoxicants and thereby ruin themselves. Another great defect in hostel life is the mismanagement on the part of the…...
A Funny IncidentFunniest Incident In My Life
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