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A Funny Incident that Happened to Me

There were many embarrassing times and situations in the primary school since I was very cognitive and restless child. I spent a large portion of my childhood looking through (and sometimes reading) my set of World Book Encyclopedias, which my dad got me as a present for each of my birthday till I was 9 years old. One day, when I was 7, I ran across a picture of a bologna tree. However, I didn’t actually read the article about the tree.

I was so excited! I knew where there bologna sandwiches came from. If I only knew how this news will embarrass me later! Shortly I had an opportunity to use my “incredible” knowledge to prove my class that I can be a smart kid. After we had a discussion in class about unusual things, I decided to give an example of bologna tree and sandwiches. I stood up on front of the class and said: -Bologna sandwiches come from bologna tree.

I was really insistant and stubborn that the sandwiches I once had in Italy (I went there with my dance ensemble, when I was 6) grew on the trees! It was so embarrassing and frustrating to find out that it wasn’t actually true. The teacher smiled and said: -Don’t worry it’s very amusing. Although my classmate Lena had laughed and stated: -It is the stupidest thing I had ever heard. For next couple weeks I didn’t open the encyclopedia and kept my mouth shot during the classes.

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I just wanted to seem smarter but instead I made a total fool of myself. Now I think about this story as more humorous one but at that time it was more an awkward story for me than an amusing one. As the time passed I had even more comical stories while I was a kid but this one I remembered very clearly. Eleven years later, I and that girl Elena, are still close friend. She is living reminder of my “historical failure” to seem smarter. Thank heavens she doesn’t ask me climb a bologna tree and make her a sandwich!

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