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Fishing is one of the most exciting items in my hobbies list in this world that I had always wished as a young boy to have done in the company of my father. For a period of about six months I had always thought about it since it had been long without going on any trip. These interesting and exciting activities gave me special thoughts and could sometimes make me dream at night, as I could see myself throughout the dream enjoying and excited.

My dreams made me happier and met many-new friends who participated in the adventures and wished that it could be real, only to wake up and find myself in bed.

Little did I know that my fishing trip to Canada was in preparation stages. All logistics were done to make it a success. After we were released from school for our summer holidays, I asked my father for a fishing trip. Amazingly he agreed without persuasion. In mind I kept on guessing how it could be.

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I asked my mum to assist in packing my useful items that I would need to use on the trip. She agreed and made sure all that I required for the trip was ready. I packed a few of my personal items that I really needed during leisure time.

I decided that each and everyday I would keep my daily journal throughout the trip because one day I hoped to compile it and write a book about my life for the world readers.

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The following day we were to wake up very early with my father. To begin our voyage to what my heart had been longing for and seemed like is not coming my way in life. My mum did give me some money for personal use and incase of emergency, we were escorted to the airport by my sister and aunt who wished us a very successful time (Media, 2001, p. 49).

After arriving in Canada at the international airport, we cleared with the immigration offices that seemed to be polite from their facial appearance but to strike with foreigners. We were given some question sheets that were mandatory to be answered. Am not sure of the entire question, but had questions like “what is your native language? How much money are you carrying” and “what’s your nationality? ” Thanks God my father was there to help me. After reading through the questions I felt helpless to tell the truth especially the question about how much money I was carrying.

After finishing we checked in a hotel that my father had booked for our stay; so that the following day we could go for the real trip. On this day due to fatigue we decided to rest fully for the tasks ahead. After meals I felt dizzy and decided that it was time to sleep to make my body fresh and feel good. I was in Canada and my hobby was just a few minutes to begin (Media, 2001, p. 78). The following morning after breakfast we engaged for the purpose of the trip. We left our rooms for the shores.

We paid for the boat and also a standby life saver just incase of emergency. I took my bait and hooked it on the fishing rod as my father slowly by slowly rowed the boat along the shore; as we talked about the beautiful country Canada. It is here that I discovered how exciting fishing was. I felt my rod being touched then all over a sudden it was moving towards the edge of the shore. Quickly I pulled it and surprising to my expectation it was a very big crab. I got scared, felt terrified but could not help to anything that had happened.

My father advised me to try it once more and it didn’t take long before catching a tilapia fish. Our neighboring boats edged closer to see what I had. They were all excited about the fish. It is here that I made friends from all over the world. We rolled down along the shores viewing beautiful plants and ecosystems. We kept on discussing different topics about life with my new friends from Sweden that my incidental fish had attracted. A long the shores I saw buildings that had statues towards the shore. It was breathtaking.

I had heard of it before but never seen how it was like. In the evening we went back to the hotel and as we parted we did share our contacts with our friends. The following day was my last day. We left early from our hotel room to make sure we critisice a lot along the coasts as we fish. As usual we took our boats my father moved at a faster speed than the day before. My new friends came with us and discussed a lot about how nature and life are related. The day was busy and exciting; in total we catched lots of fish.

By evening we were all happy excited and I felt this could go on and on daily. It was like discovering new items and building new relationships by strangers who were good. (Media, 2001, p. 347). This turned out to be one of the most important days of my life because we really bonded. How I wish time could allow me for more exciting fishing adventures.

REFERENCE LIST Media, A. (2001). Narratives of Early Pennsylvania, West New Jersey and Delaware. Switzerland: Adamant Media Corporation. ISBN: 1402195893

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