Importance of Fishing Essay

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Importance of Fishing

Fishing is the activity of catching fish; it includes the use of bait and a hook. Bait is an enticement mostly in form of food that is tied to a hook and then dropped beneath the waters. When as fish sights the bait it will naturally get attracted to it thus moving towards it and in attempt to feed from it the fish will get hooked up and then the fisherman will freely pull the fish towards him. It is important to have knowledge of which side of the lake or river has the possibility of many fishes otherwise it might take a fisherman long time to get his goal if the knowledge lacks.

There are other methods of catching fish such as trapping and gathering. The use of a net which is thrown into the waters and then the fisherman observes the net when it has trapped anything he can tell since part of the net is still in his hands. When the net feels heavy the fisherman will pull it out of the waters and if it has caught what he wanted he pulls it towards him and off loads the fishes in there and continues to cast it again until he has the much he wanted.

However it is important to note that the net or even the bait could attract any other Aqua animal so it is not all time that the net is heavy that it has trapped fish. Origins of fishing Fishing has been practiced for a very long time; it actually dates back to 10,000 years. Most of the people who live next or near Lakes, Rivers and Oceans have had to rely on fishing to get their daily bread (either directly eating the fish and other Aqua animals or trading in them to supplement for what they want) Importance of Fishing

People engage in this activity for different reasons; some take it as a sport (leisure activity)while others do it as a full time job, while still they are those who go fishing to supply for the family fresh fish from the waters for that particular time that there is need. While fish is widely used as a means of food (source of Protein) it has also been widely in use for its medicinal value, it is known to be rich in Omega 3 which is believed to be a good supply to a growing brain especially that of growing children. It is believed that cod liver oil which helps in protecting a body from colds and flu can be sourced form a fish.

Fish being white meat has many people preferences especially the lot that prefers white meat to red meat. Preservation Fish is a very perishable food stuff and it requires proper handling right from when caught all way to when it gets to be cooked. It can go bad in a few hours! There are different methods of preservation making sure that it does not lose its nutrients values. Most countries will use the freezing method where fish is put in a freezer with a temperature of 0 degrees F or lower and it stays fresh until it is removed to defreeze to be cooked.

Smoking is another method of preservation used but it must not stay for more than 4 weeks without being cooked since it would change flavor. There are methods such as Pickling and canning which are also suitable for preserving fish. Fishing keeps us active whether we do it for fun or as full time job. It exposes us to the learning the values of patience, gives us a chance to work with other people and to share knowledge, and most importantly to appreciate the universe for its abundant supply.

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