Unfair Treatment of Women at Work

American Business Woman Caroline Ghosn once said: “The issue of women in the workplace is not a women’s issue: it’s an economic problem”. Women have faced mostly have their income cut and as this economy begins to grow and become even more urbanized, women are inferior than men. The economy seems to depend on the majority of men while women are ignored to their opportunity. Overall, various companies and CEOs have claimed that men and women in the workplace have the same experience on their pay and social status.

So, why are a number of women protesting and hoping for fair support for them? Over the years, women have faced discrimination among the workplace and somehow never found a resolution or help the fairness in their gender. In the workplace, ​women have only done 75 percent of unpaid domestic work (Barathe).​ This can conclude that women working low wages and the lack of social support, it can somehow underwrite the global economic system in which allows them to reduce the amount of time they would have to face for low pay.

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Women work for many years at their job can still face the lack or undercounted pay while their male colleague who only works for a month gets to exposed to higher pay than the rest of female Martinez 3 workers in the office. ​

The acts of women’s rights in the workplace should include fairness within gender with satisfying treatments. Firstly, women in the workplace are still facing an income discrepancy as compared to their counterparts.

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Women for over 50 years have left their “job” as a mother and began in the workplace to help provide for their children and other family members. According to the article, “At The Top, The Pay Gap May Be Gone” study shows that ​women are paid less 21 percent less than men (Sorkin,pp.B.1) ​ This emphasizes that across all field of work such as medical workplace to even the technology field, women faced a lower pay about from about 70 cents, especially among women of color who earn even less than white women do every year. Women of color are experienced to a far worse experience in pay with Hispanic women earning 56 cents and Black Women earn 64 cents. Not to mention that with this lack of pay based on the study in the article “Women Still Seek Paycheck Equity”, ​“full time, year-round workers, women’s earnings were $35,745 and men’s earnings were 46,367” (Meric, PP.A.23.).​

This represents that most women are exposed to ten-thousand dollars less than men. Furthermore, gender pay in the workplace has been unfair for the most part, adding on to that, women struggled with the poor pay and struggle to pay bills with this lack of pay. Women are forced to quit their jobs and attempt to find another job with a fairly good amount of pay for them to support their family and their shelter. However, if a woman would ask or protest about their pay, society can see them as desperate but in reality, women just want equality among their male colleagues. Initially, women in the workplace have faced somewhat of an improvement in promotions as their male colleagues including higher positions such s CEOs or manager in their company. For over 50 years there has been a small growth of a higher position for women but it Martinez 4 has not changed since then. Based on the article, “Few Women Hold Top Executive Jobs, when CEOs are Female” written by Del Jones states that there had been “​only six female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies”​ with ​“salaries and bonuses swirl above $500,000 a year among CEOs while women remain scarce” (Jones).​

As a result, the top women in various job positions still face mistreatment even when they’re supposed to be respected by their boss and male coworkers. Women in a higher position than the rest of their colleagues are not taken as seriously as they’re supposed to. In addition, women have to take higher changes for this purpose as these positions are ​“unlikely to increase significantly unless more women make the top five executive positions soon” (Jones). ​ This high position can influence the future that women have in the economy and in the society, others live today. The higher opportunities women earn, the more power women have in the workplace instead of having just 6 CEOs in a company that ignores their ability and potential. Most importantly, women in the workplace have faced sexual harassment in the workplace for a long period of time. Over thirteen thousand cases of sexual harassment have been recorded since 2018 according to the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

According to the article, “#MeToo Inspires Google Walkout” written by Bhuiyan Johana and Sam Dean demonstrates the walkout with over “40 offices joined together, calling for structural changes to address what organizers of the protest called a ​“culture of complicity, dismissive, and support for perpetrators in the face of sexual harassment, misconduct, and abuse of power” (Bhuiyan and Dean,pp.CC.1). ​ Adding on to the Google Walkout, the article conveys that even the biggest companies with female workers have the power to have a voice. However, Google seemed to handle these sexual harassment allegations poorly, women have not seemed to earn Martinez 5 the justice they deserve. Once women have their voice about their sexual harassment, the accusers seem to cover it up and deny the allegations. Not the mention that the #MeToo movement has grown international like in China. According to the article, “#MeToo Takes Root in a Nation that Stifles Protest” by Robyn Dixon states about the sexual harassment allegations in the Chinese workplace and the censorship of their protest.

Based on the article, ​many sexual harassment reports in China are rarely charged and never punish (Dixon,pp.A.1). ​The censorship in China caused women to be silenced which also led women to lose hope about finding their justice and completely lost their way to speak out about their situation. However, that didn’t stop other women to give up, Chinese women found another way to avoid the censorship, using Chinese characters using the phrase​ “rice bunny” which is pronounced “mi tu,” and allowed women to use social media by posting “emojis for a bowl of rice and a rabbit” (Dixon, pp.A.1). Women have used the power of their voice and bravery to fight against sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement has created various and unique ways to fight against sexual harassment as well as mistreatment in the workplace. With the number of women speaking out about their low pay and sexual harassment, the amount of power they have increased.

Women are not the same as they were 50 years ago, women always find their way to expose their views without shame. Young to Middle Aged women are still struggling to manage to pay for bills or pay for student loans. Women still wish to be promoted or ask for a raise to help their pay and support the people around them and pay for their necessities such as insurance, medical bills, electrical bills etc. The present of this society and economy have opened their eyes on this situation and decided to take a position and at least help this unfortunate issue in their female issues. Martinez 6 Finally, there has been an improvement in treatment and pay for women in American and even internationally. However, women are still exposed to mistreatment in their roles in the workplace until society find ways to allow women to be in a respected position that will willingly have power for them to speak ours about their issues. At the same time, the government and the economy should view women the same way they look at men. The higher positions of such CEO to a justice of sexual harassment should be considered a way to acknowledge the situations happening in society.

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