Tom And Jerry Happy Go Ducky

For the opening 30 seconds of the cartoon music is played in major key which is meant to make audience feel happy that they are watching the program, the motif is repeated but changed to keep the listener entertained during the opening credits. As the cartoon begins there is woodwind instrument which sounds like a flute playing a melody over a piano playing arpeggio this gives the impression of it being early morning as it’s very upbeat and cheerful. Before the main characters appear on the cartoon the flute plays a trill this is used to build anticipation before the characters enter.

After the trill is completed the tempo of the music is increased and more instruments are added the most noticeable being the drums. The tempo change and the loud cymbal crashes show the listener that the characters are racing and fighting to get out the door first the loud skidding foley sounds confirm this. Once the characters are outside a bouncing noise is added as the Easter bunny jumps away this has been placed there so to make it more comical as the target audience is children.

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The music then changes to a relaxed calm sounding mood whilst the characters read the message off the basket left. There is another changed in tempo after this as the music is played fast to portray the jerry the mouse’s feelings of panic as the tom snatches away the Easter egg left. The skidding forley sounds add to the effect of hurrying.

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Whist the characters are having a tug of war match which the basket the instruments are playing chromatically to portray the movement of back and forth before a trumpet is played with a minor sounding feel to show distress the egg then fly’s into the air.

When jerry catches the egg he runs the music is played chromatically once again to show movement. When tom steals the egg from jerry he then kicks tom in the knee a Foley sound which sounds like a kick drum is used this is followed up by a scream to show discomfort. When Tom jumps on jerry the egg shoots into the a flute play three thrills in sequence which all lower in pitch this is show the egg falling back to the ground. The egg then lands on Toms head a forley sound being played adds to the comical aspect of the cartoon.

The egg then cracks open with a duck inside the egg which wishes both characters a happy Easter. The music then played chromatically down once again to show the characters movement. The duck then jumps into toms bowl of milk and an arpeggio is played chromatically up and down once again to portray the characters movement. Splash sounds are then added for the milk being spilt out as the duck runs to the fish tank. Once the duck is inside the fish tank water splashes are added as its kicks and swims around the tank.

When in the fish tank a snare drum is placed just before the duck swims after sea horse the snare is used to build tension to make the listener expect something to happen. The duck then chases the sea horse into its cave when they both come back out music is played with a triplet feel this is used to resemble the galloping of a horse. The duck is then thrown out of the tank with a diminuendo play to show the duck falling the music then played sounds using minor sounding notes to make to listener feel sorry for the duck.

A dissonant sounding piano is then played when tom drops water on the duck to wake him up. When the duck wakes he tells the characters happy Easter again and runs off to find somewhere else to swim the music used changes to a major key again. The duck then goes into a water dispenser and says happy Easter once more however this time reverb has been placed onto his voice to give the impression of being contained like in a tunnel. Tom then pours the water out of the container which has the foley sound of running water.

After the duck is out of the water container military sounding music is being played this is to foreshadow that Tom and Jerry have a plan to get rid of the duck. However as there are both walking away from the box that they put the duck into there is a forley sound of paper ripping and when they get back to the box the duck has escaped. Running water is then hear and in the bathroom the duck is swimming around in the bath music is played in the backroom the music is very upbeat and cheerful until tom pulls the plug in the bath then the music heard is tense as the duck is being sucked down the plug hole.

Tom is given a plunger which he uses to try and pull the duck back up. A foley sound is used whilst he is trying to use the plunger. In a different room the same noise used when using the plunger is used again only this time with reverb on the sound this is to give the impression the original sound is coming from a different room. The duck then appears in the kitchen sink tom comes running in the room so the duck hides behind a plate tom then proceeds to pick up a knife which he pokes in-between the plates piano keys are play with staccato style whilst the knife is poking.

When a scream is hear from the duck tom jumps up onto the kitchen bench for a better look the duck sneaks behind him with a piano playing chromatically up for movement the duck then pokes tom in the bum with a knife. The forley sound a violin being plucked then slid is heard. Happy music is then played whilst the duck runs away until he runs into jerry. The music then hear is very happy and signifies a resolution for tom and jerry as the duck I put back into the egg and cello taped up and placed outside for the Easter bunny.

As they are walking away from the door the duck sneaks back in though the letter box and goes into the bathroom again running water once again alert the characters to the duck presence. When they enter the bathroom the water level in the shower is half way up. Tom gestures to the duck to get out a quick runs is played whilst the duck shakes his head this adds once again to the humour. Tom opens the shower door in anger and shut it again realising it’s a mistake to open it. The music played becomes tense this is to build up anticipation of tom opening the door. The duck then knocks on the door and tom opens it.

The water then runs out and a forley sound of water rushing pass is heard. Tom and Jerry then take the duck to a public park happy music is once played again to show that surely this plan must work. When Tom and Jerry are back at home happy music is being play to show they can finally relax until running water is heard again which a minor run is used they look up and the ducks standing at the window sill with a hose pipe. Happy music is then played whist the duck and his friends swim about. The ducks then wish both characters a happy eater and the cartoon finishes playing up beat music.

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