Easter Island by the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen

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In the article, “Who Killed Easter Island” by Jared Diamond he states that people can affect and destroy our environment and natural resources. Easter Island can be used as a warning that cultural and environmental dangers exist due to overexploitation. Although, civilizations have vanished from the island it still has a remaining mystery and history to its untouched landscape. Easter Island was formed out of an ancient volcanic eruption; the island is only sixty-four square miles with habitable land and subtropical weather that makes the soil fertile.

Easter Island was name by the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, on Easter in 1722. Easter Island is famous for its tight-lipped statues that stand across the island, which were erected by the Rapa Nui people between the 10th and 16th centuries AD. These are ancient wonders of the world that are still being studied to get a full understanding of how and why these statues were created. From written history the explorer’s first impression of the island was that it was a waste because the people who lived on the island represented it as being of insufficient and ruthless to them.

With all the current studies that have consumed the island many are fascinated with the history and abundance of Easter Island. Many questions have arisen to Easter Islands existence because the people who are putting time and effort are very interested and curious. They have come to conclusion that many of the natural resources of the island were used in order for the first settlers to survive from using the forests to gather food and build canoes and also using the ocean to fish and drink.

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Remains that have been left on the island have been from fish, porpoises, rats, birds from both the land and sea, and even seals have been linked to the food chain of the people of Easter Island. Researchers have also linked cannibalism to the people of Easter Islands’ meat consumption. With today’s rising population around the world we have been exhausting our natural resources to fish more, ruin our tropical forests and create more fossil fuel that if we do not learn to conserve more that we will not have left for our children of the future.

After reading this article by Jared Diamond, it has given me a better understanding that we as humans can and are damaging our own personal environment. We already have many extinction of animals and plants in our society today that we are busting our butts to learn to preserve and protect them. We have over done our part from over fishing, hunting, cutting down trees from out vital rain forests, polluting our rivers and oceans only to satisfy our craving for that moment then to conserve and protect for the future of not only ourselves but also the remaining people who will walk on this earth.

If Easter Island can be still a habitable piece of land but have no people living on the island then what are doing to the rest of the lands that we have readily available and use at our discretion. We have to protect and consume less for not only the people who are living today but also for the animals and plants that will be protecting us in the future. Everyone on this planet has created their own catastrophic environment for themselves. We have to fight harder in order for us to be able to use our resources for our children’s future and our children’s children’s future and so on.

Many questions have to be asked and the answer have to be legit because we are building skyscrapers left to right but what land are we building it on and whose environment are destroying by having these skyscrapers built. We are only benefitting human life but not thinking of the animal and plant life that have help us to be where we are today. With the way that we live today there might not be anything left for anyone in the world but where do we start first?

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