My Favourite Cartoon Character Dora The Explorer

The television program I chose is Dora the Explorer. Dora the Explorer is an American educational animated television series created by Chris Gifford. This is one of the longest-running shows on nickelodeon. The series center around a young Latina girl, who loves to partake in activities that she wants to do. In this show, she is accompanied by her talking purple backpack and a monkey named Boots. All the episode is based around a series of events that occurs along the way during Dora’s traveling.

Dora and Boots have to overcome each obstacle in all the episodes to move on to the next part. With the assistance of the audience relating to the riddles, the Spanish language, and counting. Each episode with Dora and boots ends successfully after completing all the obstacles and singing after we did it.

Moving onto the next obstacle, Boots and Dora slide out of the number pyramid onto a blue and yellow flower. “We made it through the number pyramid.

” Boots look at Dora and he asks, “Where do we go next.” Dora acknowledges the audience and she proceeds to point to boxes that appear on the bottom of the screen, “Pyramid, The Mixed up Jungle, Lost City. We went through the pyramid, where do we go next. A blue arrow appears on the screen and indicates the answer] Jungle, right, the mixed-up jungle.” Dora says, “Donde esta, where is the mixed-up jungle? Yah there it is, Aye esta.” Boots says to Dora that the route ahead of them is too long to travel.

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With the cue given by Boots, Map pops out of Dora’s backpack and says, “Short cut, short cut, short cut.” Dora looks down at Map and says to Boots, “We need to find a shortcut, but how?” Dora looks at the audience and say, “Who do we ask for help when we don’t know which way to go? That’s right, Map. You have to say map.” Boots encourages the audience to say “Map.” The map comes out of Dora’s backpack and he sings, “I’m the map, I’m the map, I’m the map.” The map brings the audience into himself in order to direct the audience where they should look for the shortcut. “Dora and Boots need to get to the mixed-up jungle, which is very far away, but I know a shortcut (a yellow dotted line goes up the middle of the screen, a long a set of bushes). To find the short cut all Dora and Boots have to do is jump up and down on the blue triangle. Tell Dora and Boots to jump up and down” (the map then brings the audience back to Dora and Boots). Dora and Boots are kneeling next to a blue triangle and ask the audience, “What do we need to do? Jump up and down. Will you help us jump up and down? Great. Stand up please, stand up.” Boots says, “Stand up, up, up, up.” Dora directing the audience says, “Now bend your knees and jump up and down. Do you see the door to the short cut? (a blue arrow points to the door), Aye esta.” Dora and Boots run through the door and come out at the other end to find the Mixed-up Jungle.

In conclusion, while looking at the television program, I felt that Dora the explorer is a very good program for ages 2 -5 years old. As an adult looking at this program doesn’t show anything harmful or offensive to a minor. It engages the young child to participate in the program while being at home and it also helps the younger children learn about their vocabulary, counting numbers high to low, even using the bilingual subtexts.

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