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FAQ about Cartoons

How “Spirited Away” Was Made
...This is important because one character always has the same colours, and they only change in different environments. After all this special effects like glow and special lighting get added and also the motion of the animation in places where differen...
Why Do Cartoon Villains Speak in Foreign Accents Article Analysis?
...A highlighted part that I believe where Fattal lacks is the explanation to the readers as to why we should care whether we use foreign language accents to portray and describe villains in TV shows or films. Fattal mentions numerous facts and evidence...
Who is the True Monster?
...Victor's acts were indeed very selfish, but yes, he would have been scared and distraught about creating it, but there is no excuse. You do kind of feel for the creature but again some of the things he has done are unforgivable, but he knows differen...

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