Miyazaki was a serial killer who killed 4 children over the span of 10 months

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Throughout the history of the world, there have been millions upon millions of murder stories, but, in my opinion, none are as disturbing as that of Tsutomu Miyazaki. Tsutomu Miyazaki was born on August 21, 1962 in Japan. When he was born, prematurely, it was observed that he was born with a deformity that greatly affected his life. “Miyazaki had a physical abnormality that impacted both his appearance and his functionality: his hands were fused to his forearms, making it impossible for him to bend or rotate his wrists” (Judson, 2018).

Due to his abnormal appearance, he was bullied and was treated like an outcast, which greatly affected his self-esteem. He was an odd child and grew into a disturbed, isolated man who worked at a photography studio. Miyazaki was nicknamed “The Little Girl Murderer” due to his killing rampage that began August 22, 1988 and lasted 10 months where-in he brutally murdered 4 little girls. Miyazaki was a very mentally disturbed man who found pleasure in killing, raping, and consuming his victims, who were all under the age of 8 years old.

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The first very disgusting sign that Miyazaki was a possible mental health risk was that, after his grandfather died, he began consuming his ashes. Because his family treated him like an outcast, he was very close to his grandfather and his death set Miyazaki over the edge.

Miyazaki was a serial killer who killed 4 children over the span of 10 months. I believe he is classified as a power/ control killer, which is defined as “Satisfaction is derived from omnipotence of the act.

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(Often seek most vulnerable victims, such as children, homeless or elderly)” (Welch, 2011). Due to Miyazakis preference towards young girls, he was choosing victims who were weak and unable to defend themselves, so he could have complete control over them and eventually murder them. One reason in which younger children would be preferable to Miyazaki is because of the previously mentioned medical condition where-in he was unable to properly use his wrists. Since children are weaker than adults, this complication was less debilitating because he didn’t need the same amount of strength he would have needed to kidnap and murder an adult. Another reason in which he may have been drawn to younger girls is because he had an extremely small penis, so he had a very difficult time talking to potential partners. “According to a friend of Miyazaki, the killer had exhibited abnormal sexual behavior for years prior to the murders, which included secretly photographing young girls at sporting events, reportedly as a result of insecurities about his genitalia” (Judson, 2018). Due to his lack of physical interaction, he began obsessing about pornography and anime that sometimes-included children. “His classmates then claimed that Tsutomu suffered from an inferiority complex because of the size of his penis and therefore took refuge in a world of manga and pornography” (Lilith, 2015). He was so out of hand that he began watching his sister shower and when confronted, he attacked her and his mother.

Tsutomu Miyazaki was a serial killer that was influenced by both nature and nurture to begin his killing spree. He was influenced by nature when he was born with multiple bodily abnormalities and an obvious underlying case of mental illness that was never addressed. Miyazaki was influenced by nurture because, in Japan, being born with a medical issue, such as a physical abnormality, is seen as a great shame on the child’s family and on the child itself. Due to this, his family did not treat him as lovingly as they did with his other siblings, which lead him to feel unwanted. As an outcast, he found it very difficult to make friends and was bullied often by classmates and even by his sisters, who were disgusted by him. “Victims of abuse and rejection, serial killers find comfort in their fantasies and dreams that take them into a realm that only they can control” (“Nature vs. Nurture”, 2014). Miyazaki was so isolated from his family and the outside world that no ones suspected anything was wrong with him, since they never kept up on what or how he was doing.

Not only was Miyazaki a murderer, he was also a cannibal, necrophiliac, and partook in drinking his victims’ blood. This characteristic of Miyazaki makes him an exceptionally disturbing case in the history of serial killers. After he murdered his victims, he would typically rape their dead bodies and then proceed to dismember and mutilate them. He then would leave the body somewhere private and remote, such as a hillside or a ditch, but would become paranoid that the body would be discovered and returned to the spot to recollect the remains. After most of the murders occurred, Miyazaki would send anonymous letter to the young girls’ families that described details about how he murdered their daughters. “He sent one little girl’s family several of her teeth; another victim’s family received some of the girl’s ashes” (Kelley, 2017). After their child’s disappearance, some of the families began to receive strange phone calls, where-in the person on the other line would not say a word but would continue to call until they answered their phones. Even though it cannot be directly traced to Miyazaki, officers and the families of the victims strongly believe that it was him calling them. Throughout the 10 months in which Miyazaki committed his murders, investigators were unable to get enough evidence to even begin to look for suspects. It wasn’t until he attempted to kidnap two sisters that law enforcement finally caught him. When he abducted one of the sisters, the other was fortunate enough to escape and inform her father as to what had occurred. “He was taking photographs of the little girl, nude, when the little girl’s father caught Miyazaki in the act and rescued the little girl” (Kelley, 2017). Police later arrested Miyazaki after he returned to his car, which is where he had taken the little girl who had been fortunate enough to be rescued. Once he was in police custody, Miyazaki confessed to killing all four of the young girls and claimed that a rat man hybrid had lured him into killing them with the promise that his grandfather would be brought back to life (Judson, 2018). After he was arrested, police raided his home and were disturbed when they found a plethora of videos and photos of the young girls before and after their deaths. Along with the many videos and photos, officers also found some of his victims remains in his bedroom. Soon after word of his son’s crime had been published, Miyazakis father took his own life due to his feelings of immense embarrassment and shame. When asked how his father’s suicide made him feel, he mentioned that he felt nothing but was refreshed by the news (Judson, 2018). After many failed attempts at an appeal, Miyazaki was hung in 2008 at the age of 45 years old.

Before he was officially sentenced to death for the murders, the court had to consider all the evidence and consider whether Miyazaki was clinically insane enough to file for insanity. Due to his disturbing methods of murdering and consuming his victims, along with his ideas of being in contact with a rat man hybrid making promises to resurrect his grandfather, it was a shocker when he was found to be sane enough to face a normal trial. Many people began to question whether Miyazaki was competent to stand trial or not, and many believe he was not, due to his obvious mental issues. Phycologist Ryan Howes states, “mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior” (Howes, 2009). Taking that definition into consideration, it is seen that Miyazaki, by most experts, would be considered clinically insane.

Another alarming detail about Miyazaki that was not discovered until after his death was the uneblievable amount of pornography and sexual anime he had stored in his room. After he was arrested, and the intimate anime collection was discovered, people started becoming frightened that anime might influence the minds of those who partake in it. This sparked a large spread debate on whether anime was safe or if it should be banned from the public. The amount of people involved was so large that rumors began spreading that the evidence found at the scene was falsified and was placed there to ignite the already intense debate about anime’s effects on the public.

In conclusion, Tsutomu Miyazaki was a very disturbed individual who showed signs of being a danger to himself and others but was not given the proper attention and guidance to help him channel his emotions in a healthy way. Unfortunately, due to this lack of concern for his well-being, he managed to murder 4 young girl in a span of 10 months and remain undetected by investigators.

Updated: Aug 11, 2022
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Miyazaki was a serial killer who killed 4 children over the span of 10 months essay
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