Therapy Essay Topics

Radiation Therapy

ABSTRACT:       Radiation Therapy now enjoys its position as a therapeutic and an adjuvant therapy among the cancer patients and cases. The use of radiotherapy is a very serious decision which is taken after much thought about the patient’s case and requires much cooperation from the patient and support from the oncology team that provides… View Article

Understanding Aroma Therapy

Abstract             With the various ways that physical pains can be treated, individuals now have several options and alternatives to choose from. One involves the practice of alternative medicine particularly the practice of aroma therapy. Though the relative effects of such treatment may be subjective in nature, the reported benefit that the practice can create… View Article

Art Therapy

I. Introduction, History, and Problem “Art speaks of originality, individuality, a creative process, graphic materials, colors, textures, spontaneity, risk, alternatives, and imagination… Therapy implies taking care of, waiting, listening, healing, moving towards wholeness, growth provoking medicine, human exchange, sympathetic understanding” (Fleshman and Fryrear, 1981, p.75), quoting from a research paper of Dr. Carol Lark of… View Article

Male Counseling

1.Discuss the problems that might be associated with a male counselor providing services to a female client. Are these valid concerns? Explain and provide options. Some of the problems associated with a male counselor providing services to a female client are the main dynamics of transference and countertransference in therapy. With that, all counselors should… View Article

The Pediatric Burn Paper

Incidence of Burn Injury:             The incidence of burn injuries has been declining during the past several decades. Approximately 2 million people require medical attention for burn injury in the United States each year. Of this group, 51,000 require acute hospital admission. About 4,500 people die from burns and related inhalation injuries annually. The risk… View Article

The Role of Emotion Focussed Theory in Functional Assessment

            Introduction             In this essay , I am elaborating on the types of psychotherapy which have persisted for generations and which have undergone favourable changes over the years, conforming to the opinions of great psychoanalysts who have written a large amount of literature from their experience and research. I am concentrating on functional assessment… View Article

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a family-based prevention and intervention program that deals with such juvenile problems as child abuse and neglect, early sexual involvement, alcohol and drug abuse, youth conflict and aggression. Since these problems originate within the family structure in many cases, FFT program refers to every member of the family in order… View Article

Therapist/client relationship

     Beverly tailgate is a sixteen years old gin, who has a very promiscuous past and as result has a two-year-old child. Beverly is suffering from a low self-esteem, which causes her to engage in promiscuous activities to boost her morale. She started drinking at a very young age, causing her to get involved in… View Article

Therapies Order

What is the major point/hypothesis? If there are any subthemes, list them. This section is a roadmap for you and the reader. It tells where you are going and what you are going to discuss. Make sure you discuss the article very well as though I have not read it.             When we study human… View Article

Therapies Approaches

What are the major strengths and weaknesses of the following approaches to therapy? (A) Psychoanalysis: The main goal of psychoanalysis is to resolve internal conflicts that lead to emotional suffering. Traditional psychoanalysis called for three to five therapy sessions a week, however, treatment may still go on for years for the sake of increasing the… View Article

Therapeutic Landscape

The article in particular mirrors the transformation and redefinition of human’s needs through this continuous tide of human evolution. Brought by the shining glimpse of modernity it points out the aspect of human living, in particular with the rising importance and role of the landscape where people choose or actually reside. Cited in the article… View Article

Therapeutic Approaches

At the present, the contemporary society has discovered and created many new therapeutic strategies in dealing with psychological problems and health maladies. These therapeutic approaches are developed in relation to the different psychological discipline focusing on the different aspects and realms of the human mind. Some of these approaches are proven effective to many however,… View Article

Test of Infant Motor Performance

Perspective TIMP is designed to be used by therapists as part of their management of a baby’s health. It is intended to signal developmental deviance at an early stage so that effective intervention can prevent serious impairment (Campbell, 1996) . It is designed to asses the posture and movements used by full term and… View Article

Why I Want To Teach Massage Therapy

I have always thought that life would be a lot more complicated than it seems. When I was younger, I had a lot of questions about my surroundings; most of which I found very challenging. I though to myself how different I am – and how much of myself I could give to help other… View Article

Trauma Resolution

ABSTRACT             This study aims to present the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR procedure in the treatment of incestuous sexual offender by undergoing trauma resolution procedure. This technique, however, is not a replacement for cognitive-behavioral treatment or relapse prevention treatment of those with childhood sexual traumatic experiences. EMDR technique is instead… View Article

Physical Therapist Report

The career I’m most interested in is Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy is Rehabilitation concerned with the restoration of function and prevention of physical disability following disease, injury or loss of body parts. (www. emonetwork. org/terms. asp) Physical Therapist have a very direct relationship with their patients and work with them over a period of time… View Article

Psychology Learning

Introduction      The following account should probably come under the heading “Strange but True.” It describes a psychologist’s use of self-administered punishment to change a socially unacceptable behavior.      A person once knew a psychologist who, for reasons which will be discovered shortly, shall remain anonymous. For the sake of the study, this person is… View Article

Methadone Therapy

Heroin, is “an illegal opiate drug exerts its addictive effect by activating brain regions responsible for producing both the pleasurable sensation of reward and physical dependence”. The direct effects of the opioids on the CNS include sedation by suppressing the reticular-activating system in the brainstem; nausea and vomiting by activating the chemo-trigger zone in the… View Article

Personal Position paper on Psychotherapy

Introduction “People are always changed by disasters, and other life events, but they need not be damaged by them.” -John D. Weaver             When we study human behavior, specifically focusing on the development of personality and crucial to how a person or individual conducts him/herself, psychology offers a variety of dimensions. The concept of personality… View Article

Change and Culture Case Study

In tough economic times, companies are looking for ways to continue to provide services and products to the public without compromising quality and efficiency. When it comes to smaller businesses, or businesses that provide the same product or service, it is often wise to merge the companies together to form a stronger, more stable structure…. View Article

Bed Wetting in School Children

Bedwetting (also referred to as nocturnal enuresis) is the involuntary passing of urine during sleep after the age at which bladder control usually occurs. It can be an embarrassing, frustrating and distressing problem that affects millions of children. It is more common than most parents think. Many children are dry at night by the time… View Article

Recreation Evaluation

The therapeutic recreation process is a systematic method of planning and providing services for individuals with disabilities. The process is based on a systems theory approach. The system is designed for a guide for a well-defined, goal-oriented purpose to the activity or program being provided. It involves four phases: assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. Use… View Article

Hypochlorite in Endodontics

Abstract Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) in various concentrations is the most widely used endodontic irrigant, but it can be an irritant to vital tissues. There are several reports about the complications of irrigation with NaOCl during root canal therapy. Most of the complications are the result of accidental extrusion of the solution from the apical foramen… View Article

Benefit of Massage Therapy

* Massage therapy and bodywork increases blood circulation thus enabling the body to pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs. * A therapist can render massage that stimulates the lymph system, the body’s natural defense, against toxic invaders. For example, in breast cancer patients, massage has been shown to increase the cells… View Article

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists held about 198,600 jobs in 2010. Physical therapists, sometimes referred to as PTs, help people who have injuries or illnesses improve their movement and manage their pain. Physical therapists work as part of a healthcare team, overseeing the work of physical therapist assistants and aides and consulting with physicians and surgeons and other… View Article

Physical Therapy Assistant

Under the observation of a Physical Therapist, a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) works to help patients recover from injuries or disabilities within the body. A few exemplifications of their line of work include balance training, exercise, electrical stimulation, massage, ultrasound therapy, and mechanical traction. However, seeing as they are still just assistants, PTA’s must very… View Article

Gestalt and Cognitive Perspectives

Gestalt therapy and cognitive therapy seem like vastly different approaches to psychotherapy; and they are. It is interesting to note, however, that they do have a few aspects in common. Both approaches focus on the client’s present state or the here-and-now. Gestalt and cognitive theories do not avoid the past but only view it as… View Article

Principles of Feminist Therapy

Feminist theory, especially as it applies to feminist therapy is broad and complex. Yet, several common threads could be recognizable. Chapter 1 of the book helps feminist counselors and therapists in identifying the differences and the similarities of various threads of feminist theory and therapy. In spite of the differences, it would be more important… View Article

Carl Rodgers

Carl Rodgers was born in Illinois, Chicago On January 8th 1902. The fourth of six children he was educated in a strict religious environment. His early career choices included agriculture, history and religion, giving serious thought into joining the Ministry until the age of 20 when he began to re-evaluate his life and beliefs and… View Article

35 months after the therapy

This proposed study will determine the effectiveness of PTSD treatments on selected samples. In studying the effectiveness of selected PTSD treatments on trait- and trauma-related anger and guilt, the research will investigate whether or not the effect of the interventions differed from pre-treatment severity of anger or guilt. Research Questions The study is designed to… View Article