The Importance of Accountability Paper

Accountability is important in the health care industry; it holds an individual accountable day in and day out for his and her own tasks. Holding a person accountable for their actions can also assist in creating accountability for the department, unit, organization, and industry level of the organization. Accountability is considered to be a performance management system to improve and measure quality in the health care industry (O’Hagan & Persaud, 2009). “The good leader works hard to make sure that there is little transfer of accountability from the staff to the leader when it comes to accountable decision making” (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, 2007, p.

116 ). In order to be accountable an individual must be direct with his or actions, decisions and outcome, and in the health care industry there is lack of clarity when it comes to actions, responsibility and results, it is up to the leader to form the ideas that will support the decisions being made.

Being accountable is when a person knows what his or her work is worth.

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Employee’s accountability is measured in the health care industry by setting goals that can be tracked, and employer feedback is also helpful. The “U.S. Office of Personnel Management” (n.d.) website discusses how setting specific goals for each employee will help measure the employees’ performance accurately and most of all fairly; by doing it this way the leader or manager will notice if there is a problem that needs immediate assistance or needs to be addressed all together, and each employee is held accountable.

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Make sure the job description is in writing, this will assist the employee and the leader in guiding the goal that is to be achieved, and the employee will have knowledge of knowing exactly what is to be expected (“U.S. Office of Personnel Management”, n.d.). It is difficult to manage without measuring. Once the goals are set, analyze objective measurements, review the employees’ performance, performance characteristics, and attendance, while doing so, it is wise to use a scale of 1 – 10 to measure the performance.

Measuring performance includes but not limited to; monitoring, reporting, assessing the outcome, measuring, and vigilance. Employee reviews are also necessary to have, and review the input from the manager before meeting with the employee. Accountability can have positive results by improving performance, employees are now more involved in what he or she is doing because the task is more understood than before, and the employees expectations are more achievable because that employee has confidence in themselves that the goal is doable, and the employee will perform on an even higher level (“U.S. Office of Personnel Management”, n.d.). Ethical consideration in leadership and management applies to accountability by being honest, responsible, trust worthy, and being transparent.

Once a person becomes a leader that person needs to follow Leadership Skills such as; managing mobility, synthesizing systems, reading the signposts, synergizing technology, and helping others identify. Leaders must also learn to relate to all people and learn to use positive sensitivity to the needs of others. Be ready for change at all times, show a sense of excitement, implement the change in their own life before presenting it to the group, make sure that the team understands what is being said and put forth. Leaders should be able to make tough harsh decisions without being afraid or uncertain of the outcome. A good leader stands alone and stands up for an issue without reaching for clarity from others, and always be a good team player (Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, 2007). Being a leader is a fulltime commitment to the group, the leader role runs into chaos, confusion, and ambiguity of accountability, the staff will lose sight of the value and begin to develop uncertainty towards the leader, that can lead to conflict within the organization. According to Investopedia (2015), checks and balance are used to minimize improper behavior and mistakes.

Checks and balance assist in keeping the organizations financial sectors honest and accurate. Checks and balances always define assigned tasks clearly, one person will nt have total control over decisions, that prevents the one person or department from being able to have too much control and power; by assigning separate duties to various employees makes it easier to define roles and ensure that executives and employees’ are unable to tear down the business without being noticed by another employee (“Checks And Balances,” 2015). Accountability affects an organization’s working culture by setting common elements, believing that the individual, department, and different organizational levels will continue to improve and learn, especially when it comes to making decisions about care and direction; and organizational change that is long lasting has to change the culture first (O’Hagan & Persaud, 2009, para. 5,6).

The main reason for culture accountability is to make sure the money is actually spent on health care services and to improve the quality of care given to patients. If businesses and employees are held accountable they will be more acceptable to learning, and the usage of performance measurement will rise (O’Hagan & Persaud, 2009). In order to create a successful culture of accountability employees must believe in the idea presented, trust in his or her leader, be willing to train with the correct tools, and resources that are needed to make the outcome a successful one. The leader should encourage performance feedback, this will help improve and motivate others.

The way I would maintain a positive working culture is to remain absolutely honest with me group, my group will always see me a striving to do better, I will set goals, double check to be certain that the employee is able to accept and complete the task, make sure the individual understands the goal that has been assigned to him or her, offer training if necessary, and lastly, be sure that every employee is understands that they are accountable completely for his and her own tasks. I will also let them know that I am available at all times. That is how I would maintain a positive working culture and avoid a culture of blame. If one is accountable for his and her actions it leaves absolutely no room for that individual to blame someone else. In conclusion, accountability in the work place is important. Accountability helps to maintain ethical leadership and management skills, not to mention honesty, and trust worthiness. It also determines who to hold accountable for which task at hand.

Checks And Balances. (2015). In Investopedia. Retrieved from O’Hagan, J., & Persaud, D. (2009, April/June). Creating a Culture of Accountability in Health Care – See more at:

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