Project Rationale

This project (Medical Records System with Mobile Support) was designed and developed to easily facilitates and monitors the patients records. This project will help the clinic to speed up the process of patient monitoring and searching patient’s records. This aims to solve the minor problems identified en every process encountered by the personnel-in-charge from monitoring and searching patient’s information. The developers have come up with a solution to make the clinic’s manual system easier. This will serve as a benefit to the doctor and to the patient at the same time.

By creating Medical Records System with Mobile Support the doctor will no longer write everything on the patient information form and ledger. The doctor has to type it into the computer and save it. If the doctors wants to view the records of the patient all the doctors need to do is search the patient’s name and the result will be displayed.

The doctors can be view also the information the patients using android phones instead of writing on the patient’s information form and searching the file cabinet.

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Since the system is computerized, the medical clinic is also beneficiary of the proposed system because it will hasten transactions, record information’s/managements and searching patient’s records of the clinic which will give a positive feedback to the patients for giving a fast and hassle free transaction/s. The computerized system stores information of every patient of the clinic making it more reliable than the manual system that clinic are currently using.

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The Medical Secretary is also one of the beneficiaries of the proposed system because the secretary will have a lighter job. All just needs of medical secretary ask the patient’s personal information.

After having necessary information the medical secretary will just save it into system and if the patient already has medical records in the clinic and visits the clinic some other time the secretary will just search patients name and all the records given to secretary will be displayed instead of searching the patients information form from their file cabinet. The medical secretary is hassle free and no need to deliver the patient’s form to the doctors because once secretary inputted the patient’s information to the computer it will appear automatically to the doctor’s station. The Proponents also consider saving time of the patient and the doctor by creating a computerized medical records system with mobile support, the doctor may now view the patient’s records anytime without wasting time looking for the patient’s information form from the file cabinet.

By creating a computerized system it will improve the clinic’s manual system regarding the medical records system with mobile support faster and easier. The computerized system’s documents will be kept for the future references of future researchers so that if the researchers have to develop a similar computerized project the will have an idea on how to develop a similar system by studying the contents of this project The various theories, related studies, and programming techniques in the documentation will serve as a guide in the development of their study.

The developers will be able to develop their critical analysis and thinking with regards to developing a system to improve their knowledge with system design and database design. The Medical Records System with Mobile Support will uplift the medical clinic which will give an effect to a better performance of clinic.

The developed system will boost the standard of the school on promoting high quality education through the development of the system. This also proves the competitiveness of the school in the field of information technology and pursuit of academic excellence.

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Project Rationale

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