The Best Journey In My Life Essay

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The Best Journey In My Life

Two years ago I went on a trip with my friend Paulina and her older brother, Max. I had to save a lot of money because I wanted very much to go on this journey with my friends. We planned our trip to take us around Europe. We were going to stop in various parts of Europe with family members and friends. The first place where we arrived was London. After a two hour flight we landed at Gatwick airport, of course we booked our tickets early which saved us quite a lot of money. At the airport my cousin and her husband were there waiting for us which was fantastic as I had not seen them for such a long time. In England we stayed with Mary and her husband in a semi-detached house which was about a ten minute car drive from the city center. Because we were lucky enough to stay with family we could save our money to see some of the amazing attractions on London. We visited the London Eye, Big Ben and Museum of Waxworks. In the evenings we tasted the nightlife in a city that never sleeps.

On our last day me and Paulina we went to the shopping centre because girls love to shop in any country, while Max went to a traditional English pub. Our time in London lasted five days, which went so quickly and was not enough time do everything. We bought a lot of wonderful things and were so lucky to have been there. On the sixth day of our journey we traveled by express train through the La Manche Channel to Paris. It was a long and boring journey, but the train was very comfortable. Trains in France and England are better and more exclusive than in Poland. We had a lot of luggage due to our shopping trip, and with Paris fast approaching only more shopping was to come.

In Paris we lived in the city center at a close friend of Paulina’s brother. His apartment was in a fantastic skyscraper, from which we could see the entire city. We were so impressed by the city. We visited the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Note dam Cathedral. At night we went walking though Paris with all the bright lights and passion that comes from this city. We were there four days. Our time there was a mixture of sightseeing, shopping and parties. It was a really wonderful time as in Paris. Our final part of our journey was to the Azure Coast in France, we arrived there by train and met with blue sea’s and amazing sunshine. On the Azure Coast we lived with Paulina’s uncle, he was a really nice and relax person. He lived on the Coast in mansion with his wife and two children.

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