Best Years of Your Life

Your years in college are easily the best years of your life, but college isn’t just about the education; it is about making a success story. I come from a long line of high school and college dropouts. My father did not complete high school, but later received his GED. My mother and sister both attended college, but later dropped out and never fulfilled their dreams. I cannot follow in their footprint that they left, but instead make a new path.

Attending college is the start of new life; it is embarking on a new journey with the destination unknown . When going to college I have to remember there will be hard times, I have to keep going no matter what. When I feel like giving up, I will take a look at my father, my mother, and my sister and start to think about the unknown destination getting closer.

My family strongly supports me going to college and encourages it greatly.

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They’ve done so much from checking my grades constantly, taking me on college visits, and also buying me countless SAT prep books. They want to see me prosper and thrive in everything that college has to offer.

I knew from the moment that I stepped into middle school that I had to be great. I excelled, I strived for greatness, and I earned spots in the advanced classes. I carried on by taking multiple AP courses and finishing with multiple 4.0 GPAs. I was accepted into the National Honor Society.

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From that moment almost 7 years ago, I knew that I had to be extraordinary, I knew that I had to start this newfound path of college graduates.

Being an astrophysicist has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Going to college not only allows me to pursue my dreams, but also start a chain of high school and college graduates for generations to come. That is what going to college means to me, but inorder for me to succeed, I need to avoid the one word that embodies failure; almost. I almost made it, I almost got accepted, or I almost graduated. Not only will going to college and successfully completing it set me up for my future ahead, but it will also show my father, my mother, and my sister that it is possible to achieve your dreams.

Being the first to go to college and graduate comes with its difficulties. I have many people looking down on me, waiting in the opposite corner eager to see me fail. There is also the racial factor. Many people think I won’t succeed or won’t give me a chance to succeed due to the fact that my skin is a little darker than anybody else’s. Success isn’t measured by my skin color, or if my parents graduated college, or how much money I have. It is measured by hard work, determination, and having that drive. In having those qualities, I am sure to achieve my goals.

College isn’t just about the education, it is a success story in the making waiting to be unraveled and fulfilled. Therefore, I will work extra hard, I will not succumb to the people who want me to fail, I will stay determined and accomplish my goals.

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Best Years of Your Life

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