"The Act" by William Carlos

I am an advertising representative from Zadina Corp. and have produced a brilliant idea for a new ad campaign for KaBloom, Ltd. It is our goal here to inspire, create, and produce exciting new advertising ideas for your company to grow and expand to its fullest potential. Keeping that in mind, we here at Zadina Corp. have taken a fresh and innovative turn for the best for your new advertising campaign. Our proposition is to take the simple, yet quite inspiring, poetic influence of William Carlos Williams and turn it into a radiant advertisement that is not only stimulating, but profitable and beneficial to your consumer market as well.

"The Act", written by William Carlos Williams, will captivate KaBloom's audience and draw them into the full range of KaBloom products, using the poems' universal symbolism of love and beauty and its intensive and emotion inspiring imagery. Williams writes,

There were the roses, in the rain.

Don't cut them, I pleaded.

They won't last, she said.

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But they're so beautiful

Where they are.

Agh, we were all beautiful once, she said.

And cut them and gave them to me

In my hand. (1-8)

In Williams's poem, you can just simply picture a scene. Imagine the most beautiful roses growing together, glistening with the slightest bit of rainwater that has just previously fallen. There is a woman about to cut these roses from their picturesque natural environment. Another person, watching in complete dismay, begs the first woman not to cut the roses solely based on their true beauty in where they are.

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The woman, just before she cuts them, reply's with "Agh, we were all beautiful once." (6), and continues to cut them and hands them to the flustered second person.

Using this literary wonder could be of great advantage to KaBloom, Ltd. Flowers are your main product and this poem completely embodies the beauty and elegance of fresh, vivid flowers, which is the main goal your company provides for its customers. "KaBloom... beauty straight from nature", will be the catch slogan used to capture and entice your audience. With this image, KaBloom, Ltd. will create the impression that your flowers are a true representation of natural elegance and the closest anyone can get to flowers cut directly from their natural growing environment. "...they're so beautiful," (4) states Williams. It is at KaBloom, where one can find a true representation of beauty in flower form.

Using William Carlos Williams' poem will not only create a poetic influence towards your new advertisement, but will also draw in your audience through the use of symbolism and imagery. Using the roses in the poem as a symbol of pure beauty and love, will create an illusion to your buyers that they will not find genuine beauty and a romantic appeal in flowers anywhere except from KaBloom. Symbolism is a key way to attract attention to your product, for it is able to form a well-known customer/product relationship, giving buyers something to relate to. Williams writes, "There were the roses, in the rain" (1). Roses are clearly seen as a pristine and universal symbol of love and beauty. They represent elegance and convey a message of love, appreciation, sympathy or congratulations.

Correspondingly, the rain on the roses offers also a true sense of symbolic meaning too. Depending upon its level of intensity, rain may either serve as life giving or life-destroying. In this case, the rain acts as life giving. It is revitalizing, fertilizing, and heavenly, and often marks acts of purification. It is your goal to let buyers know, that here, at KaBloom, is exactly where they will find that image of ideal beauty and purification to create a passionate way to show affection and love towards one another. KaBloom should be the first place someone goes when they think of someone they love. Anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentines Day are holidays composed and created by love and therefore should relate to your market. At KaBloom, love and emotion is portrayed and accomplished through the giving and receiving of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Imagery is another essential reason why Williams' poem, "The Act" is a great way to portray KaBloom, Ltd. products to the world. Imagery is an outstanding technique that appeals to one or more of the senses, and much like symbolism, will create a relationship between your product and your consumer. Reading the poem is really like picturing a scene: "There were the roses, in the rain./Don't cut them, I pleaded" (1-2). Williams goes on with, "They won't last, she said./But they're so beautiful/Where they are" (3-5). While reading, an extreme clarity of what's actually going on is being created and formed in one's mind.

The poem, and in more specific terms, the roses, bring about feelings of happiness, joy, and love. The imagery of roses, or all flowers in this case, produces intense emotions and feelings that surround the theme of caring and affection. Giving and receiving flowers is a sensational way to show some someone you care and to brighten up someone's day. Keeping this in mind, the imagery of the roses without the tragic tone of cutting the flowers will be your key point in your advertisement. KaBloom is exactly the place to go to capture these emotions in a simple, yet extremely meaningful way. Imagery is a widely used practice in advertisement and we here at Zadina Corp. feel as if it will truly help and sell your company to the public.

However poetic and beautiful Williams poem, "The Act", may be, there are a few aspects about the imagery and language that Zadina Corp. feels necessary to leave out of KaBloom's new ad campaign. Zadina Corp. has been portraying the image of how beautiful and fresh flowers are straight from the vine. The poem proceeds with cutting and selling the flowers directly to a person who begs for them not to be cut and uprooted from their natural environment.

To some, this may seem as a small and petty crime to displace a living life form from its natural world, creating feelings of cruelty, mistreatment, and heartlessness. The cutting of the roses symbolizes death and the ending of life. To cut a rose off of its stem is like taking away the ability to breath, grow, and live. In regards to this thought, the lines where Williams states, " And cut them and gave them to me/In my hand" (7-8), should be left out of the advertisement. There is no need to bring such beauty and poetic symbolism down with the thought of harmful images replacing the captivating and appealing ones.

KaBloom, Ltd. is in need of a fresh awakening and a new, innovative voice in its advertising campaign. We here at Zadina Corp. feel nothing but the best will result and arise from using William Carlos Williams poem, "The Act" in KaBloom's prospective campaigning. The poem is simply filled with the most attracting and captivating literary elements that produces an alluring and attractive image and impression to KaBloom's potential buyers. The use of symbolism and imagery really drive the ad campaign home and will be a concrete and profitable way to expand your business to its highest degree. "Beauty straight from nature" is exactly what your company expresses and delivers to the industry and it is here, with Zadina Corp. that KaBloom will find precisely that. Please consider Zadina Corp. for your new advertisement representatives and we will guarantee that KaBloom will not be let down.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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