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Subculture in Kuwait: youth Internet practices Essay

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (746 words)
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Communication theories such as the media-society theory of communication stress the idea that it is the voice of the people spoken loud and clearly through oral and written word which affects the knowledge of society at large (McQuail, 2005). Binding together the society by acknowledging the leadership status of the entire people is a way in which media presentations can be comprehensive and authentic. In communicating genuine knowledge to the people, it is essential for the media to voice unbiased and scientifically observable opinions which are based on popular and accurate facts.

A subculture is a group of people who do not necessarily hold majority or active power in a community, yet who do contribute to the diversity and evolution of society. Given the subculture of the youth in Kuwait in regard to their internet practices, it is essential for media directed towards this population to be careful in their news and marketing (Wheeler, 2003). Although this large group of the population is still unrecognized in many Kuwaiti employment and voting practices, the fact that these children will grow up to be more politically and economically active members of society is a fact which cannot go unacknowledged.

The communication information they absorb in youth will contribute to the active evolution of the future of Kuwait. In looking to potentially harmful internet sites in Kuwait, such as pornography depicting people in destructive sexual acts, it is essential for the government in Kuwait to have a handle on the ethical dimension of internet communication media in order to protect the youth (Abbas et al, 2008). Although many adults in Kuwait are not internet users, this does not make it acceptable to ignore the fact that many children are utilizing the internet.

In preserving the innocence and integrity of Kuwaiti youth, the government must take steps to ensure that the publishers and authors of websites displayed in Kuwait are following principled and justifiable guidelines in the presentation of news and marketing. While not all behaviors, sexual or otherwise, are bad, it is essential for responsible adults in Kuwait to ensure that no inappropriate behaviors or claims are being made on the internet.

Although the youth internet subculture in Kuwait is not currently very active in the economics and politics of the country, there is no question that they will be in the future, and the material viewed by the children of Kuwait influences their present and future perceptions and ideologies. In looking to the significance of the media on Kuwaiti voting practices, one already sees an unprecedented influence of women and youth voters (Alekry, 2009).

Although many Kuwaiti youths are not of age to vote, the ones who are old enough are turning out in record numbers, influencing governmental evolution and reform. By acknowledging the fact that many Kuwaiti youth are actively involved in the internet culture, one can make projections about how this media influence will shape the future of the country. Although many children in Kuwait are outside of the business and governmental realms, these young people are continually soaking up knowledge, and learning increasingly about various global events and ideologies through the technological medium.

Computers are the most easily accessible forms of technology with the most wide ranging resources of information available throughout the world, and the youth of Kuwait are enriching their minds and forming their personal perspectives by what they view and consider online. The internet poses unprecedented risks to the community through the ability of people to post destructive or unethical websites, however, there is also an unprecedented availability of accessible research and information, which sheds light on the truths of the global communities (Turkle, 2004).

By acknowledging the presence of subcultures that are fed by media resources such as the internet, communication researchers can pinpoint the areas in which majority or powerful communities are affected by the voices, attitudes, and actions of the minority or weaker subcultures. The interaction and mutual relationship between cultures and subcultures is a diverse and evolving connection.

Works Cited Abbas, H. , & Fadhli, S.“The ethical dilemma of internet pornography in the state of Kuwait. ” Computers and Society, 2008. Alekry, A. “The significance of elections on the Gulf region. ” International Non Governmental Organization Journal, 2009. McQuail, D. McQuail’s mass communication theory. Sage, 2005. Turkle, S. “How Computers Change the Way We Think. ” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2004. Wheeler, D. “The Internet and Youth Subculture in Kuwait. ” Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, 2003.

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