Strengthening Community

There are numerous changes that challenge the community to adapt. These can arise from violence at home, and they can follow one person to their school and workplace. Furthermore, new forms of communication, such as social media, when used inappropriately, can negatively affect the community. However, I believe that it is possible for an individual to take action and intervene to help strengthen the community.

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Strengthening the community can be started at home, advancing to the school, workplace or to any other forms of community like churches and other social groups.

Social media which is a powerful communication tool, if positively utilized, can also help strengthen the community. Strengthening a community can be started at home since family is the basic unit of the society. It is where people first learn how to communicate, behave and interact with other people. Parents should be good role models. Children should be properly disciplined, and open communication should be encouraged.

These will develop the resiliency among children which will help them adapt to the changing environment.

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Giving good, positive and peaceful environment to children will also give them the strong foundation that will guide them as they grow to be a mature, responsible individual that is beneficial to the community. Good foundation at home will provide students with high morale and sense of responsibility to create and maintain a peaceful, safe environment. These will result in a pleasant school atmosphere that will give motivation to the students to focus on their goal. Discipline, open communication and good relationship with a co-worker can also strengthen the community. Bullying, which can happen in school or at work should not be tolerated. Nowadays, there are many anti-bullying campaigns which give people awareness to these issues.

There are also many organizations in the community which can be public, private and nonprofit including churches or other religious entities that provide education and assistance to people based on their needs. These can alleviate social problems thereby resulting to a decent community where people would like to live. Social media, as previously mentioned can either have a positive or negative impact to the community. It is a wonderful resource for adults and children. It is used as an instant communication tool. Unfortunately, it can have a damaging effect to the community when use inappropriately. Back in the old days, bullying behavior occurs face-to-face. Now, with the advancement of technology, bullying can be done easily and instantly through the use of computer, cellphones and other electronic devices.

People can share photos and videos through social media that can contain violence and sex creating a negative impact to the society, as kids and adult can involve themselves in crime related activities. However, when utilized by responsible people, social media can be used to educate and promote a peaceful, safe environment. People can also share news and information through social media which gives them awareness on what’s happening around them. In conclusion, an individual can adapt to the changes within the community and take action to strengthen it. It starts from home where parents can provide safe and positive environment to their children while teaching them discipline and responsibility.

These will lead to a strong, good foundation that will help them withstand the negative influences in the community. An individual can also initiate a good, pleasant working environment that will create a positive impact to the community. There are also many organizations that an individual can be involved with to support the community. Social media, if utilized by responsible and respectful people can outweigh the drawbacks associated with sharing inappropriate materials. Finally, an individual can make a difference by being a good role model that will inspire and motivate the young generation to build a better community.

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Strengthening Community

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