SQ3R Worksheet Essay

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SQ3R Worksheet

Survey| How did you survey?I skimmed the pages required, the main topics, and picked up the basis of what was required reading. What questions did you ask?The question I asked myself is what information was the most important for me to retain while reading. What are the main topics of the reading material.

What knowledge of this material should take priority.

Read| How did you read?I focused on the question I asked myself, what the main idea of what my reading is and I took notes on what I was reading. I made sure I understood what I was reading. | Recite| What did you recite?The ability to learn SQ3R and how to apply it to my reading techniques was the most important for me to obtain while reading. The main topics were the breakdown of what SQ3R was and how to apply each technique. The priority knowledge was how to successfully apply SQ3R into my educational experience. | Review| How did you review?I went over my notes and made sure that I had summarized the main points so that I could retain what I had read. I also skimmed back through the reading material and took more notes of what I originally missed.

Wrap-Up Questions: How successful was the SQ3R process in helping you grasp the concepts in the section you selected? Will you use SQ3R in the future as a way to master the content in academic readings?

I had learned this process in high school and I actually use it in my educational experiences. It helps me to retain what I have or am reading and allows me to ability to do better on exams and also on essays requiring text book research.

I will continue to use SQ3R in the future because as I said, it helps me to structure my reading and retain what I have read.

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