Prioritizing Human Security: Understanding the Concept in Professional Settings

The article aims at bringing the important issue of Human Security to the forefront. It focuses on the urgent need to understand the concept of human security, and to develop the proposals for translating these ideas into policy practice. An attempt has been made to clarify and correlate the terms ‘human development’ and ‘human security’. The interrelation of freedom from ‘fear’ and ‘want’ is discussed and the coherence between the two has been achieved successfully. The author has emphasised on the fact that to enable a real shift in policy making, serious effort needs to be made to operationalize the term Human Security.

Human security workers need to develop a holistic and human centered ethos. They need to maintain the military spirits of sacrifice, heroism, discipline, but combined with civilian spirit of individual responsibility, empathy as well as gender awareness. The holistic development of human security worker makes them capable of carrying out both ‘protection-from-fear’ and ‘protection-from-want’ tasks. The article tries to highlight the attractions of human security as a paradigm shifting and bridging concept, as well as converse attempts to appropriate and restrict its usage.

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The article tries to trace the different usages of concept of Human Security. The holistic and innovative concept of Human Security leads to vague and utopian ideas that need great efforts to operationalize. Proponents of human security urgently need to demonstrate that operationalization is possible and necessary. The key strategies for strengthening human security were identified as strengthening legal norms and building capacity to enforce them.

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Human Security at present sits in the middle of tug-of-war. It is neither irrelevant to power holders nor has been successfully co-opted by them.

The interrelation of poverty and violence used to express Human Security is complex and under-researched. From Roman Times security was universally understood as pertaining to individuals. Attempts were made to reorient thinking about security as Human Security. In the post cold era the term suddenly began to feature as global security and comprehensive security. Amartya Sen proposed that Human Security is concerned with downside risks that threaten human survival. The focus on ‘freedom from want’ has a transformatory effect on ‘freedom from fear’.

This article has traced different usages of concept of Human Security and argues that the concept has withstood attempts at compartmentalization and instrumentalization. Its greatest potential continues to lie in its bridging and paradigm shifting properties. It emphasises human security to be indivisible. It debates on the tension between foreign policymaking and ethical considerations. Another one being poverty breeds violence and tackling poverty will also tackle violence. The article discusses necessary connections with wider policy shifts.

It draws a sketch of the ‘Ideal Human Security Worker’ of the future. Adoption of Human Security concept as Canadian-Norwegian approach, joined by nine other nations and then adopted by Japan marked the realisation of the importance of this concept. The debate typically centres on narrowing down violence rather than poverty in order to come out with an operational concept that can guide policy. Human Security is also a bridging concept and it should be malleable enough to be used by diverse parties, while robust enough to keep sufficient shared meanings across this range of users.

It should span between ideals, life situations and actions. The adoption of Human security as both a holistic and a normative concept will definitely lead to practical consequences. Critical Analysis Internal Analysis: The article discusses the bridging and shifting properties of Human Security Concept. It has made an excellent effort to trace the different usages of concept of human security. The work done by the author is commendable . She has collected the information related to the meaning of human security and its usage from Roman times through the span of the present time.

She has taken into consideration security of all types physical and material. The different concepts of security and its shaping up into present day concept of human security. She has laid special emphasis on the urgent need for the operationalisation of human security. She has not just discussed the need for operationalisation but has also provided excellent ways to instrumentalise and operationalise human security concept. She has tried to both materialise and personify the concept of human security. By discussing both the malleable and robust nature of human security concept that makes the text effective .

The writing and explanation style of the author includes active alert and comprehensive analysis of the term Human Security. She has tried to touch every aspect that surrounds and affects Human Security directly or indirectly. The article has clearly described the role of Human security worker that combines both military spirit and civilian responsibility and empathy. The detailed explaination of the role of Human security worker tries to present a very accurate and live sketch of Human security worker. This refreshes the reader with motivation and enthusiasm to operationalise the concept of human security worker.

It presents the very possibility of the operationalisation and functionality of Human security. Weakness: The article ahs discussed the concept of human security very comprehensively , yet the inter-relation of poverty and violence use to express human security remains complex and under –researched. The weakness of analysis lies in the vague idea development of poverty and violence. It seems to be a vicious circle rather than a focused approach to resolve th problem. External analysis “Dr. Glasius’s research concerns both the theory and practice of global civil society and its relationship to international law, particularly human rights law. ( Glasius )

This article on human security also witnesses the research or comprehensive study conducted by the author. The collection of information as evident from the article that defines the term human security from the initial stage of security in Roman Times to the present concept of Human Security approves the writing style of the author. The author is a research officer ,which is also reflected by her comprehensive writing style. Her present research focuses on economic and social rights , human security and social forums .

In the given article she has elaborated upon the urgent need to operationalise the concept of Human Security. She has also described the role of a Human Security Worker for effective functonalisation of the concept. The idea conveyed through the article is operationalisation of the theory to practice that reflects the originality and urge to reform the society.

Clarity and Coherence of the Arguements:- The author has tried his best to achieve clarity and coherence of the arguments. The evidence being the discussion of various usages of the concept of Human Security . he has discussed each usage of the concept with clarity and focus on the era when the terms were prevalent . She has attempted to clarify the inter-relation of Human Development and Human Security and their impact on each other. She has clearly and explicitly described the role of human security worker. The coherence of the arguments can be viewed beginning from paradigm shifting and bridging aspect of Human Security leading to holistic development of human security worker. Through this the author has very coherently explained the realisation of the ultimate goal of operationalisation of human security .

Relevance of the Arguments : The author argues through the medium of the article that the different usage of concept of Human security has withstood attempts at compartmentalisation and operationalisation. This is quite relevant because with understanding of the term Human security grew an awareness to operationalise this concept. Also paradigm shifting and bridging has further helped in the functional realisation of human security concept and thus the need for training Human security workers. Thus the gist of the article is perfectly relevant so as to define the role of human security worker for its operationalisation.

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Prioritizing Human Security: Understanding the Concept in Professional Settings
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