Creating an Ideal School: Prioritizing Infrastructure for Future Citizens

AN IDEAL SCHOOL – WRITE ABOUT THE INFRASTRUCTURE AND FACILITIES YOU CONSIDERED IMPORTANT FOR AN IDEAL SCHOOL. Students are trained in the school as the future citizens of the country. Unless the schools are ideal the country cannot get ideal citizens. Let us know what an ideal school is. An ideal school is situated in a peaceful site in the lap of nature full of beautiful sceneries. It is situated in a vast compound that admits nature's free air and free light.

It is situated in a place which is served by natural spring of water and by sweet-scented flowers spreading their fragrance all around and by good climatic conditions. The building of an ideal school should be large and spacious. The classrooms, the common rooms and the office-rooms should have a good number of windows to let in free air and free light.

In a classroom there should be five square feet space for each of the students. In an ideal school there are no more than twenty students in each of the classes.

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Each student is provided with a single chair and a single desk, which are in quite good condition. An ideal school is provided with an ideal staff. The teachers of an ideal school are well qualified.

They are greatly interested in learning and teaching. They do not have any profitable motive. They take teacher ship as a mission in their life. They work in the school with a missionary spirit. They are the men of character and integrity.

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They work together with a team-spirit and with full co-operation and understanding among themselves.

An ideal school is well-supplied with all sorts of educational requirements like apparatus and appliance maps, charts and globes, libraries and laboratories, magazines and newspapers, radio, television and audio-visual projectors, museum and swimming pools, lawns and gardens and stadium and gymnasiums. An ideal school must have an ideal hostel quite close to its situation. If we want that our country should be an ideal country and our nation should be an ideal nation, we should make our schools ideal. An ideal school is the greatest asset for the students whom it serves.

Updated: Mar 22, 2023
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