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To develop a chatbot that efficiently detects the emotion of the user

Problem statement

To develop a chatbot that efficiently detects the emotion of the user and understand the opinion expressed by giving a sentence, or a movie review, or product review as an input, and analyse the sentence as either positive, negative or neutral called polarity based on the scores predicted, where a value near to 1 is considered as positive and value near to 0 is considered as negative and value in between can be considered as neutral.

Existing Systems


Chatbot was a term invented by my Mauldin to identify the systems that tried to pass the Turing test.

The first chatbot that came to the audience was ELIZA in 1966 and was widely recognized as the first program to pass the Turing test. The ELIZA model essentially captured incoming data, reformulated it, and tried to match keywords with predefined answers.


Jabberwacky was designed by Rollo Carpenter, a British programmer. It is intended to be a talking bot that makes an interesting and humorous conversation.

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This was one of the first chatters to use AI to learn meaningful human conversations. Jabberwacky won the Loebner Award, an annual test for chatbots testing, in 2005 and 2006. Jabberwacky is also able to learn constantly from conversation. She can learn new languages, concepts and facts only through constant interactions.


A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) is a popular free chatbot developed in 1995 by Dr. Richard Wallace. She was inspired by ELIZA and won the Loebner Award in January 2000.

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It was introduced for the first time in SETL, a language based on the theory of multitudes and mathematical logic. This is known as Program A. At that time, until 1998, when migrating to Java, there were few participants. Dr. Wallace has also introduced an Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), an XML dialect for creating chatbots. A.L.I.C.E was written on AIML. In 1999, program B was launched, where more than 300 developers joined the efforts to write A.L.I.C.E and AIML made a transition to fully compatible XML grammar. Program B, led by A.L.I.C.E, to win the Loebner award in 2000. Program C started after Jacco Bikker created the first C and C ++ based AIML implementation. This led the way for many different C / C ++ themes for the Alicebot engine. Finally, the D program brought the transition from Pre-Java 2 to add many features and use features such as Swing and Collections.

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