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Mail User Agent MUA Computer Science Essay

E-mail client, besides known as Mail User Agent ( MUA ) , is a value-added service for standard electronic mail systems which used to pull off a users e-mail. E-mail client intended receiver to gets the mail content if and merely if the mail conceiver receives non-repudiation grounds that the message has been received by the receiver. Its called a client because e-mail systems are based on client-server architecture. Mail is sent from many clients to a cardinal waiter, which re-routes the mail to its intended finish.

Presently, there are many popular e-mail clients include Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla ‘s Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, and Apple Inc. ‘s Mail.

However, e-mail messages are non protected as they move across the cyberspace. Information transmitted via mail is valuable and sensitive such that high effectual protection mechanisms are preferred in order to forestall information from being manipulated or to protect confidential information from being fraud by unauthorised parties. Nowadays, Spam or debris electronic mails are besides progressively appeared in the mail box from the commercial purposed web site.

Besides, phishing onslaughts in electronic mail have increase with the popularity of utilizing e-mail in different webs, including the cyberspace and nomadic webs.

In this information and communicating engineering age, personal, endeavor, and governmental communications via e-mails become more widespread. The chief ground of utilizing e-mails is likely because they are convenient and clip economy. Individual privatenesss, commercial secrets, even state ‘s intelligence information are being delivered through electronic mails and therefore contents in electronic mails are more valuable than of all time.

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Therefore, the security of electronic mails has raised more concerns.

Phishing Attack

Phishing is a signifier of on-line fraud techniques used by felons to steal sensitive information such as on-line banking watchword and recognition card information from users. A common phishing pattern uses spoofed messages that are disguised to look like they are from well-known company or web site, such as bank, Credit Card Company, charity, or e-commerce online shopping site. The term phishing originates from the parallel that cyberspace felons use email come-ons to angle for watchwords and fiscal informations from a sea of incognizant consumers [ 3 ] .

Phishing frequently seems an intractable job, because phishers go to such lengths to conceal their paths by presenting onslaughts through multiple states and legal governments. Phisher will masquerade as a trusty individual in e-mail communicating and phishing by carried out electronic mail or instant messaging and it frequently directs users to come in inside informations at a bogus web site whose expression and feel are about indistinguishable to the legitimate 1.

Phishing is an illustration of societal technology techniques used to gull users, and exploits the hapless serviceability of current web security engineerings. Over the past few old ages we have seen an addition in phishing onslaughts which is a type of semantic onslaught in which victims are sent electronic mails that deceive them into supplying history Numberss, watchwords, or other personal information to an aggressor. Typical phishing e-mails falsely claim to be from a reputable concern where victims might hold an history.

However, e-mail remains the most favourable vehicle for phishing. The copiousness of of-the-shelf majority mailing tools simplifies the occupation of phishers and aid in presenting a immense figure of electronic mails to a big figure of victims. As of July 2010, many people receive electronic mails that claiming to be fro Wikipedia and they may associate to harmful web sites and expose users to spam. Associate that appears in the mails constitute an effort at phishing by unknown parties. Therefore, phishing is one of the security issues that need to be concern.

Security In E-Mail

Over the past twosome old decennaries, electronic mail has become one of the universe ‘s prima communications mediums, possibly even outpacing the telephone and traditional mail service. Unfortunately, electronic mail has proven itself to be extremely vulnerable to outside influences including persons and organisations that seek to do some signifier of engineerings harm or hope to do money in an illegal manner. As a consequence, security has become an progressively of import issue for all e-mail users.

E-Mail Menaces

Although email security is frequently viewed as a individual issue, it is really a conglobation of several different menaces that work separately to damage computing machines and defraud receivers, every bit good as to sabotage the effectivity, dependability and trust of electronic mail systems. Email menaces can be divided into several distinguishable classs:

Viruss, Worms and Trojan Horses: Delivered as electronic mail fond regards, destructive codification can lay waste to a host system ‘s informations, bend computing machines into distant control slaves known as botnets and cause receivers to lose serious money. Trojan Equus caballus keyloggers, for illustration, can sneakily enter system activities, giving unauthorised external parties entree to corporate bank histories, internal concern Web sites and other private resources.

Phishing: Harmonizing to the Anti-Phishing Working Group – a trade organisation that consists of fiscal organisations, package publishing houses and other concerned parties – phishing onslaughts utilize societal technology to steal consumers ‘ personal and fiscal informations. The onslaughts rely on “ spoofed ” emails that direct receivers to bogus Web sites that are designed to flim-flam them into uncovering confidential fiscal informations such as credit-card Numberss, history usernames, watchwords and Social Security Numberss. Phishing culprits typically operate by concealing under bogus individualities that they have stolen from Bankss, on-line merchandisers and credit-card companies.

Spam: Although non an open menace like a virus-infected fond regard, debris electronic mail can rapidly overpower an inbox, doing it hard or even impossible for its proprietor to see legitimate messages. The Spam job has gotten so bad that it is platitude for users to abandon email histories that are overrun with Spam instead than seek to contend the job. Spam is besides the bringing medium of pick for both phishers and virus aggressors. So merely how bad is the job in footings of Numberss? Tens of one million millions of spam messages are sent every twenty-four hours.

E-Mail Precautions

Protecting electronic mail users and their systems from aggressors is a 24/7 occupation that requires the usage of multiple security tools:

Client Security: Virtually all major email clients now offer security scenes, anti-spam tools, phishing filters and other characteristics that are designed to trap and insulate unsafe messages before they can bring down injury. Email users should look into all of these characteristics and utilize them as their first line of defence.

Firewall: A firewall can bolster email security by filtrating out malware-laden fond regards and other types of unwanted stuff that do n’t run into pre-configured regulations.

Encoding: Rendering messages unclear to unauthorised receivers is a popular manner of protecting outbound electronic mails. Encryption package is n’t perfect, nevertheless, since even the best merchandises consume both processor velocity and storage infinite. Users can besides lose or bury watchwords. Encoding can be handled by the firewall or extra package.

Anti-Virus Tools: Leading anti-virus merchandises and services by and large do a good occupation of descrying and taking viruses, worms and Trojan Equus caballuss from incoming email messages.

Spam Filters: A good Spam filter can distinguish between legitimate electronic mail and Spam, liberating a user ‘s inbox from hills of digital dust. A drawback to this engineering is that a hapless Spam filter, or one that has non been decently tuned, will take a certain figure of legitimate electronic mails from a user ‘s position while allowing some Spam base on balls through untasted. Improved spam-recognition engineerings are doing spam filters more accurate – most sellers now promise 99 percent-plus truth rates – but even the best Spam filter will falsely categorise at least some electronic mails.

Education: One primary email-defense tool is instruction. Users who are cognizant of electronic mail menaces are less likely to open potentially virus-infected fond regards, chink phishing links or execute other hazardous actions.

Problem Statement

Harmonizing to Anti-Phishing Working Group [ 4 ] , the United States continued its place as the top state hosting phishing sites during the first one-fourth of 2010. Harmonizing to a survey by Gartner, 57 million US Internet users have identified the reception of electronic mail linked to phishing cozenages and about 2 million of them are estimated to hold been tricked into giving off sensitive information. Phishing onslaughts are increasing despite of the usage of e-mail filters such as Anti-phishing and hence it is adequate to supply a return on investing and maintain the phishing industry alive [ 5 ] .

Some illustrations of phishing strategies include:

Fake e-mail messages – the inbox message appears to be from a company that you do concern with and warning you that they need to verify your history information.

A combination of auction fraud and hypocrite escrow sites – this occurs when points are put up for sale at legitimate online auction to entice user into doing payments to a bogus escrow site.

Fake charities – a phishing strategy airss as a charity and asks for direct pecuniary contributions.

Fake web sites – the web sites can be made to look similar to legalize sites. When you unwittingly see them, the sites can automatically download malicious package such as virus or spyware.

Human mistakes – a user intends to come in the URL hypertext transfer protocol: // as the URL but he enters the incorrect URL hypertext transfer protocol: // by error.

Pharming onslaughts – for the convenience of its users, the web site hypertext transfer protocol: // allows its users to name the web site utilizing alternate insecure URL hypertext transfer protocol: // Now, the DNS of a user can be manipulated so that when the user uses this insecure URL to bespeak the web site, the user ‘s DNS directs the petition to an adversarial web site that redirects the user ‘s browser to the incorrect web site hypertext transfer protocol: //

Undertaking Objective

The chief aim for this undertaking is to supply a secure protection for e-mail client in send and receive electronic mail via the SMTP protocol. The specific aims of this undertaking that to be accomplished are as followers:

Supply a radical Spam sensing system that inspects every message for 100s of 1000s of menace properties gleaned from one million millions of messages.

Learn and plan a functional Anti-phishing Add on tool that able to manage and filtrate phishing onslaught in e-mail part.

Study the Add on build environment linguistic communication and type of e-mail client that need to be enhance to interfacing Anti-phishing characteristic in electronic mail.

Focus on stairss for turn outing security belongingss and mensurating the public presentation of the Add on Anti-phishing for e-mail client

Project Scope

In this undertaking, scopes that will be focused are shown as below:

Security in electronic mail: Anti-Phishing and Anti-Spam


In anti-phishing characteristic, there are several different techniques to battle phishing, including statute law and engineering created specifically to protect against phishing. To use the anti-phishing, foremost have to understand the phishing rhythm which will be discuss in item at literature review portion of this thesis.


To forestall e-mail Spam, both terminal users and decision makers of e-mail systems use assorted anti-spam techniques. Some of these techniques have been embedded in merchandises, services and package to ease the load on users and decision makers. No 1 technique is a complete solution to the Spam job, and each has tradeoffs between falsely rejecting legitimate electronic mail vs. non rejecting all Spam, and the associated costs in clip and attempt.

Anti-spam techniques can be broken into four wide classs: those that require actions by persons, those that can be automated by e-mail decision makers, those that can be automated by e-mail transmitters and those employed by research workers and jurisprudence enforcement functionaries.

E-mail client

The undertaking will be focused on e-mail client such as Microsoft Office Outlook. By adding the anti-phishing and anti-spam characteristic in e-mail client, the incoming electronic mails will be sorting into two classs which is either legitimate or deceitful. By and large a regulation will bring forth and fall into the undermentioned classs:

Designation and analysis of the login URL in the electronic mail

Analysis of the e-mail headings

Analysis across URLs and images in the electronic mail

Determining if the URL is accessible or non

Thesis Structure

This thesis consists of six chapters. Chapter 1 ( Introduction ) contains the debut of the e-mail client anti-phishing attention deficit disorder on faculty, the job statements, which are job seen in the bing e-mail client that leads to the development of this new secure attention deficit disorder on secuirty faculty in e-mail client. Finally, this chapter touches on the aims and undertaking range of this undertaking every bit good.

Chapter 2 ( Literature Review ) discusses on the… It besides covers the related plants done by other people sing to… .

Chapter 3 ( Methodology ) is a chapter discoursing the methodological analysis used to developed this secure add on faculty. It gives an overview of all the stages in the Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) . The demand specification, such as user, hardware, and package demands will besides be discussed in Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 ( System Design and Implementation ) consists of the system design and the execution of the secure attention deficit disorder on faculty. It gives a more inside informations account on how the faculty is designed and implemented. For case…

Chapter 5 ( Testing Results / Outputs ) discusses on the consequence provided by this secure faculty. This chapter will demo the screenshots of the full attention deficit disorder on plugin to the e-mail client to turn out that how this faculty fulfills the aims of work outing the security issues in the job statement above. At the terminal of this chapter, the faculty restrictions will besides being discussed.

Finally, Chapter 6 ( Summary ) discusses on the decision based on secure attention deficit disorder on faculty such as its capableness. It besides discuss a small spot about future plants that can be done to heighten the faculty capableness and security.

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