Shylock The Paradox Villain And Victim English Literature Essay

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In “ The Merchant of Venice ” , Shakespeare portrays Shylock as a self-contradictory character since he is a selfish, heartless, and money-grubbing stereotyped Jew of the clip who experiences persecution by the Venetian citizens. Although Shylock is represented as a cruel and unusual monster there is concluding to his maliciousness due to the fortunes he ‘s been dealt with by populating in an antisemitism community. The transition, “ I have possessed your grace of what I purpose, ” ( IV.

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i.35-62 ) is a important extract from the drama to lucubrate on Shylock ‘s clear neglect for the compassion and clemency of others.

In add-on the transition fuels the audience ‘s perceptual experience to believe that Shylock is an unreasonable and malicious character, but as the audience knows from Shylock ‘s account in “ He hath disgraced me and hindered me half a million, ” ( III.i.50-65 ) there is so a method to his lunacy.

The transition, “ I have possessed your grace of what I purpose, ” ( IV.i. 35-62 ) is a critical portion in the drama because it gives deepness to Shylock ‘s nefarious and irrational features. In Act IV, scene I, Shylock is requested by the Duke to demo his enemy, Antonio, some compassion and clemency, but Shylock refuses to make so. Shylock explains to the Duke that he does n’t hold a concrete account why he will non demo Antonio clemency, but he does cognize that his bitterness towards him is excessively powerful to allow him travel liberally. Shylock ‘s nefarious and irrational features are instantly displayed in the beginning of the transition when he says, “ You ‘ll inquire me why I instead choose to have/ A weight of carrion flesh than to receive/ Three thousand ducats.

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I ‘ll non reply that, /But say it is my temper. Is it answered? ” ( IV.i.40-43 ) . Shylock discretely insults Antonio by mentioning to his flesh one of a “ carrion flesh ” that of a dead animate being – infected and worthless, but he would instead hold his flesh than the three 1000 ducats. He can non do a clear statement of why he wo n’t take to ducats over the flesh except that he resents Antonio – a bitterness embedded in him of course. Shylock parallels his hatred for Antonio by comparing it to how some people dislike certain things but ca n’t explicate why they oppose them such as cats, certain music, or hogs. He says, “ For fondness, /Master of passion, sways it to the temper, ” ( IV.i.50-51 ) intending Antonio impacts Shylock ‘s tempers unexplainably on a negative note, yet Shylock is merely traveling to “ rock ” to that experiencing out of impulse. There is a batch of ambiguity to Shylock ‘s logical thinking in the transition, which merely fuels the audience ‘s perceptual experience of Shylock as a heartless nefarious character. Alternatively of taking a deeper expression into why he detests Antonio, Shylock merely goes on a caprice with his emotions and is careless about it.

The linguistic communication that Shylock uses throughout the transition is really simple, dull, and ordinary. Unlike the other characters in the drama that use their words articulately, attractively, and poetically, Shylock ‘s usage of linguistic communication is really straight-forward and to the point without deepness. For case he uses such phrases as, “ piss ” , “ goggling hog ” , and “ bagpipe ” , which all do n’t precisely paint the prettiest image for the reader. Besides, he is besides insistent with the phrases, “ goggling hog ” and “ woollen bagpipe ” , which shows that his character is n’t really welcoming at all. His unwelcoming features merely leave a bad gustatory sensation in the audience ‘s oral cavity that at this point see him as a character without any respect for anyone ‘s wellbeing, but himself. The transition is structured as if Shylock ‘s statement was executed thoughtfully in a verse set-up, but his attack in world is really full of uncertainness and urge. After analysing and reading the transition the reader comes to hold on that Shylock is moving merely on emotions, which is a feeling of hatred that he has for Antonio. And that hatred is the lone defence he has to warrant why he demands a lb of flesh, which is merely irrational and nefarious. All in all Shylock is painted as an fickle and thoughtless Jew in the transition, which merely encourages the reader ‘s perceptual experience of Shylock as being unsympathetic and malicious scoundrel.

On the other manus in the transition “ He hath disgraced me and hindered me half a million, ” ( III.i.50-65 ) the reader has the rare chance to be sympathetic towards Shylock seeing that he ‘s been a victim of persecution by the Venetian citizens. In this transition the reader discovers that Shylock is non a natural Born monster, alternatively he is a creative activity of fortunes. Shylock starts off by doing a point that the Jews and Christians are really similar and non that different after all. He says, “ Hath non a Jew eyes? / Hath non a Jew custodies, variety meats, dimensions, senses, fondnesss, passions? / – Federal with the same nutrient, injury with the same arms, capable to the same diseases, ” ( III.i.54-58

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