School Uniform: Should it Be Mandatory

It is said that students should not be required to wear school uniforms nowadays because they are not fashionable and uncomfortable. However, I disagree with this idea, and I believe that school uniforms are compulsory for students when they go to school for three reasons.

The first and most important reason why students should wear uniforms at school is that they are recognizable while wearing uniforms. For instance, the school guard can control students entering school by looking at their school uniforms, especially the labels.

In this way, they make sure that strangers or students from other schools cannot come in unless they do have any permission. Furthermore, local people can recognize and contact to the school more easily if the student get trouble or accident by looking at the school label.

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The next reason is that uniforms equalize among students at school. For example, some students whose parents cannot afford such expensive clothing as other students wear uniforms as the same as their friends.

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As a result, they might feel more self-confident about appearance. In addition, students cannot make fun of each other if they do not like each other clothing. Therefore, school uniforms represent the equalization in school.

The last reason that I think students should wear uniforms is that they help them look more prestigious and get them in responsibility. By wearing school uniforms, not only students look more mature, but also they can show respect to their lecturers or professors.

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Moreover, wearing school uniforms gets students into responsibility in wearing uniforms at work in the future.

In conclusion, uniforms help students so much whether physically or mentally. Therefore, in my opinion, students should wear uniforms at school, and school uniforms should be compulsory.

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School Uniform: Should it Be Mandatory
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