Sex Educations Should Be Made Compulsory for All Secondary School Students

Many teenagers in Malaysia nowadays are involved in social ills. For example, as they are easily engaged in free sex and this causes a lot of issues. The main issue is dumping new born babies. This happens because they are not ready to have a baby in their age. Furthermore, HIV disease is becoming the main cause of death. Sex education is an alternative solution to reduce sex issues among the teenager. Should Malaysian students in secondary schools be given sex education? In my opinion sex education should be made compulsory as part of the syllabus in school.

Through sex education student in secondary schools have access to the information, skills necessary to prevent negative sexual health outcomes and to enhance sexual health. The advantage of sex education in schools is students are given access to right information about sex. In fact, they are getting first-hand information from a trained and qualified instructor. This is important because many youths tend to get the wrong information and are led to resources out there geared to help them out but may not be appropriate or accurate.

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In addition, sex education aims to strengthen teenagers’ understanding of sexuality issues, and enhance their ability to analyse and judge related personal and social issues with rational and responsible attitudes. Hence, teenagers can analyse what is wrong and what is right. Young people are able to communicate, listen, negotiate with others, ask for and identify sources of help and advice when it comes to sex relationship. Sex education is provides the student with skills necessary to prevent negative sexual health outcomes.

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Sex education forms the basic foundation on the basis of which more complex knowledge can be built up over time. The importance of having sex education is to give early exposure to teenagers on how sexual relationship works and also to make them aware of the risks of having sex before marriage. For example, unprotected sex may result in diseases like HIV, and may also result in unwanted pregnancy. Sex education can also prevent teenagers from becoming victims of sexual abuse.

Other than that, sex education can enhance sexual health. There are many things that can be taught during such sessions, such as reproduction and reproductive health. It will be good if the session is delivered in interesting ways so that students will not get bored easily. It is also important to make sure that teenagers are comfortable listening to it. Furthermore, it will be even better to separate boys and girls because usually girls are shy in front of boys. More than hat, it should also include some religious talk so that they will know their responsibilities better.

In conclusion, sex education can bring many benefits to secondary school students. It can also reduce the spreading of serious diseases, such as HIV. This is the reason we need to implement the character-based curriculum which includes sex education in schools, colleges, universities and other learning institutions to help young people make right choices regarding high-risk behaviours such as having sex before marriage.

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Sex Educations Should Be Made Compulsory for All Secondary School Students

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