School Should Not Serve Fast Food at Cafeteria

These days many people eat fast food. We eat fast food because its more tasty than other food subjectively. Fast foods are hot food such as hamburgers that is quick to cook or is already cooked and is therefore served very quickly in a restaurant’. So they are often served in school cafeterias too. But fast foods are unhealthier than ordinary foods. For that reason, there are different opinions about serving fast food in school. On this matter for this, I think schools should not serve fast foods at cafeteria.

The reason is as follows.

First, fast foods are not good for health. Fast food contains high sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. For the result when you intake these, it causes high blood pressure, heart disease and weight gain. For an example, the United States, where fast food has become more popular than other countries has 300, 000 dead people because of bad eating habits. And about 60 millions are obesity. Eating habits are usually develop in young ages.

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So, students are not appropriate to eat fast foods.

Second, it costs more money than ordinary cafeteria food. Fast food approximately costs $3.89 for one student. But if there are 500 students in the school then it costs $1, 945 per a day. But cafeteria food costs about $2.74 per a student and as the same, it costs $1, 370 per a day. This makes a huge difference between fast food and regular food.

Not serving fast food at cafeteria is important, but the most important thing is making a good eating habit.

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If you don’t eat fast food, you weight loss, have better nutrition, increase in immunity, lower heath risks, clearer skin, have better sleep and mood, improve eyesight, more energy and lots more. This way we could know that fast foods affect us a lot. So I disagree with school serving fast foods at cafeteria.

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School Should Not Serve Fast Food at Cafeteria

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