My first day of middle school I met one of my best friends in the front of the school she had a funny look on her face, not the usual big smile accompanied with her big brown eyes, but with she looked as though she was scared. When I have her a hug she just stood there and didn’t move and pointed at her throat, she fell right in front of me and laid there gasping looking at the ceiling.

Everyone including me panicked and out of nowhere this big tall guy in a black uniform got down and grabbed her and put his head in her chest to listen to breathing According to the career assessment I am enterprising, realistic, and social. I was matched with several different kinds of careers including chef, professional athlete, and a skincare specialist.

However, most appealing of all of the suggested careers in my eyes would be to become a law enforcement officer and one day a sheriff/ police chief.

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Growing up being one of the oldest in my family has forced me to become very protective watching over two younger sisters and countless younger cousins. The sports I have played and excelled in including football, track and wrestling will help me advance in that career, being that law enforcement is a very stressful job I will have to be physically and mentally fit to keep up and strive in that field.

In Georgia there is an abundance of variation in police officer salaries.

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The variation is caused by many different factors from population, to the general crime rate in that area. In Atlanta, Georgia the annual salary for a police officer can range from $35,733 to $70, 547 with a median of around $52, 498. I plan to be a police officer for at least ten years and earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, while learning as much as I can about street criminals and how they operate. Once established enough I plan to become a sheriff/police chief whose annual salaries can range from $89,729 to $112,081 with a median of around $100, 437. Salaries for police chiefs vary for the same reason as police officers.

Police officers right now are most needed in areas of high crime and areas where the number of civilians heavily outweigh the number of law enforcement officers. This mean most urban areas and big cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, or Chicago. This is Beneficial to me because I already live near Atlanta so I can pursue this career right at home. In this career choice there are more men than women. Today women make up about twelve percent of the law enforcement jobs. I believe this is because the physical tests are based on a male ability. The physical exams are more difficult for the women. The average working hours of the police are 40 hours per week but the officer can do overtime if necessary. The benefits of having this career can vary from a raise in salary, medical, dental, or even college tuition benefits, and also retirement and pension options.

The way to become a police officer is that you have to be a high school graduate and must complete a police academy training program. Some agencies require an associate’s degree in criminology or criminal justice. Also when trying to be a police officer you have to have good credit because that is part of your background check. It’s also great to have a good work experience so that it can prepare you for the long hours that you will spend on the job. Being physically fit is another major part of securing my career because you have to be healthy and willing to run and jump over objects.

To sustain my career and make myself marketable I will always come forth with a positive attitude and get the job done. I will make sure to strive for the highest of expectations and make sure I am best represented for helping the community and keeping everyone self. I want to do what all law enforcement officers are here for which is to stop crime and help people. I also want to be known for having a kind heart and helping anyone in need. Another thing I want to do is start a charity to help those who are in need and also to get young men and women off the streets and headed to a better future.

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