It is a proven fact that a country with a strong industrial sector has shown more economic growth, has improved national income and promoted the living standard of the population. My aspiration and zest towards the specialization in Industrial Engineering evolved when I had an opportunity to work as a quality engineer in Marks Engineering Works who is one of leading manufacturer of precision machined components and sub-assemblies of various segments using CNC machines. It is fair to say that my tenure at Marks Engineering Works helped me further my perennial dream of becoming an Industrial engineer as I learnt what it takes for an industry to function efficiently.

The ultimate intent of my study at Texas A&M University at Kingsville is to gain consummate knowledge and to utilize it to procure my goal towards the setup of an industry in consistently delivering products on time with high standard whilst reducing risks. I further wish to seek opportunities for improvement in every process so as to attain high productivity with customer satisfaction being the primary intention.

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During my childhood, I used to visit to many construction sites with my father who is an Earth work contractor and I was intrigued by the way heavy vehicles were operating. It was at this point, I started to have a desire to learn about the working mechanism of our poclains which influenced me to choose Mechanical Engineering as my undergraduate program at Coimbatore Institute of Technology which is one of the most prestigious institutions in our country.

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My campaign at Coimbatore Institute of Technology was marred by poor academic performances as I found it difficult to manage my time between academics and running my family business. But my intense hard work and passion to achieve my goal drove me to overcome the initial obstacles and aided me in clearing my backlogs. My undergraduate program was a combination of both theory and practical subjects and the practical subjects in laboratories helped me to strengthen my technical skills to a greater extent. I gained knowledge of various fundamental subjects such as Operations Research, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Production Planning and Control, Optimization and Quality Assurance and Reliability which, I believe, would vastly aid me in my graduate coursework.

I worked on “Design and Fabrication of WSS tank for FDM post-processing” project during my third year of study in which I designed and fabricated a post processing tank which can be used to remove the water soluble support materials used in the Fused Deposition Molding process. The project had fetched me a good understanding in the manufacturing and fabrication processes. During my final year I designed an Aircraft Wing of NACA0012 section and conducted structural and modal analyses by a comparative material study using CATIA and ANSYS packages. I learnt about the wing structures and also how materials can enhance the rigidity and stability of a component.

During my final year of study, I had done an internship program at Pricol Limited in the department of Production Engineering. During this period, I acquired clear knowledge on the optimal production quantity to be processed in a given operation, the different types of production system and the appropriate production techniques for products based on the machining and automation in the current engineering field. I also had an opportunity to work as a trainee at Sunshine Engineering in metal fabrication and quality control divisions. Sunshine Engineering guided me in fabrication of WSS tank during my third year project and I cultured good competent knowledge about the hot dip method of the galvanization process and also about the company’s testing and supply methods.

Apart from academics, I was interested in extra-curricular activities and I took the responsibility as Treasurer of my college’s technical symposium “Mechnovation2K16” where I had an opportunity to conduct successful workshops which benefited many students from various institutions. I was a part of the Space Quiz Literary (SQL) club in my college and as a team we conducted many quiz programs in and out the college and I had an opportunity to attend an event called “Breakthrough” which allowed participating in numerous activities. This event benefited me in developing various qualities such as team building, leadership and organizational effectiveness which would aid me in dispatching group projects and assignments provided at the graduate program.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family had its effect on me for I wish to venture and achieve my long term goal of becoming an entrepreneur. And to become an entrepreneur, I identify Industrial engineering as the right field which would elevate me to greater heights. I further seek perfection in what I’m set out to do and above all, I wish to give back to the community at every opportunity I get in my path of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

In order to achieve my short term goal of becoming an expert industrial engineer, I find Texas A&M University at Kingsville to be the best fit as the resources and level of expertise at the university’s disposal is unmatched. The courses offered here such as supply chain management (IEEN 5312), inventory systems (IEEN 5313), principles of optimization (IEEN 5335) and Linear programming and extensions (IEEN 5336) deeply align with my interests. In particular, I look forward to gain knowledge from Dr. Kai Jin on Green product and sustainable manufacturing and Six sigma and quality control as her research on these areas are commendable.

I would remain infinitely obliged if you consider me as a prospective applicant for the position in the Master degree program. I firmly believe that my enthusiasm and sincerity would be an asset to the university. I am sincerely looking forward be a part of an enthralling and wondrous study experience at Texas A&M University at Kingsville.


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