What are the Elements that Build a Strong Friendship?

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Healthy and smooth relationship in a society is maybe one of the more vital elements that help in developing a progressive neighborhood of people. As social beings, individuals requires to communicate and relate with other individuals in order to attain specific needs. It is for that reason essential to understand how good relationship through friendship can be developed. A single person is distinct from another making his views, personality and habits different from each and every person he relates with. This is the factor why establishing strong relationship can be very challenging.

This is likewise the reason why people think on numerous components that can accelerate the advancement of this essential social relation. However, numerous authors likewise have their own beliefs as to how strong relationship can be developed. These views can help us formulate standard understanding on how strong friendship can actually be developed. What are the elements that build a strong friendship? First of these aspects is the aspect of having a friendly character.

It can not be rejected that some people are innately friendly than others.

This makes them able to relate and develop friendship quickly than the rest. Sometimes, one can observe that particular people can easily start and maintain excellent discussion while the rest shy away from needing to communicate and converse with individuals they do not understand. For this reason, it is very important that individuals try to be more friendly and apply more effort in building great friendship. It is only by trying to build relationship that a real one can be developed because if one must avoid others or perhaps avoid a conversation, it may be tough to view that a relationship be developed.

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As it is frequently stated, “no man is an island”. We require other individuals to survive as much as others require us to satisfy their requirements too. In this regard, is ends up being obvious how much friendship is very important and how much it is similarly important to comprehend the methods on how strong friendship can be built. Thus, even if one feels that it is tough to develop friendship, it is substantial that a person will comprehend the aspect of effort in building string relationship in spite of the truth that certain friendships can be developed easily.

Another important element that builds strong friendship is the value of “give and take”. Initially, friendship is a mutual relationship. One benefits from the other as much as the other does. This relationship however does not cause to harm the other while the other takes advantage. This differentiates friendship from certain parasitic or one-sided relationships. In order to achieve this mutual benefit, it is important to acknowledge the importance of give in take in the relationship.

The strong friendship is intended and should benefit the persons involved. Thus, it is important to drop the values of selfishness. Although not necessary, it is also important that the persons involved understand the importance and the necessity of sacrifice at certain instances in order to foster good relationship. For instance, true friends sometimes forego with their own personal interests and benefits in order to help and promote the happiness of the other.

This is the true essence of friendship because a strong friendship should not only be based upon the benefits one derives from the other or from the relationship itself but also on the willingness to sacrifice and to sometimes let go of personal desires to give way to more meaningful and more important issues in favor of the other or of the friendship. The element of give and take is important not only in building strong friendship but also in developing the personality of the persons involved because it broadens one’s understanding that in friendship, one should not expect all happiness and good times.

The essence is being there for the other in times of difficulties and trials. These times often require sacrifice and give and take so that the friendship can sustain the bad times. For example, as provided by Van Duzee (1963), in Eger and Grime, “we know, a strong bond of friendship between two men is the impelling motive in the substitution of one for the other in the battle with a mighty opponent”. Van Duzee (1963) likewise added that “the common theme of friendship is the recognition of the resemblance of the romances to each other”.

In addition, he also referred to this resemblance as the “reason for the desire of one friends to fight a difficult battle for the other” (Van Duzee, 1963). This is the reason why, in international relations, friendship is an important foundation among allies. As it is provided by Roschchin (n. d. ), “friendship indeed facilitates attempts at structuring an anarchic multitude”. Friendship is very important among various cultures. As it is observed by one British author, in Britain, one can observe how millions of British children chant “make friends, make friends; never, never break friends” (Sharp, 1986).

To strengthen the commitments and the bonds, Sharp (1986) likewise observed how these children moistened their little fingers with saliva while chanting. This only means that even the young ones already recognize the importance of friendship and how, in their own little ways, they can strengthen their friendship. Trust is likewise an important element of friendship. It cannot be denied that trust is an essential element to all forms of relationship not exclusive to friendship. In order to build trust, another element is necessary–honesty. Honesty develops strong friendship because it develops trust.

In friendship, one views friends as persons to run to in case of troubles. Good friends never turn their back on each other in times of trouble. In addition, friends do not abandon each other. As an element that build strong friendship, honesty can be considered as the foundation of the relationship because with honesty comes trust, loyalty and confidence that one has someone to lean on in times of difficulty. It is the trust not of reliance and dependence but the trust that even though the other cannot gainfully help, he could be there to support and to stay with him even in the darkest times.

It is the trust that friendship is not based upon the benefits one derives from it but also on the commitment to stand by each other through thick and thin. Trust, on the other hand, is important because it gives the feeling of security. Friendship is nevertheless a relationship that provides shield to people who depend on it. To build strong friendship, it is important that friends trust each other, believing that people they referred to as friends are not traitors who attack behind his back.

Trust builds strong friendship because it serves as the foundation of the friendship. Without trust, no friendship can flourish. In order to understand the importance of trust as an element of friendship, it may be best to remember that friendship is based upon the belief that friends are those persons who can keep deepest secrets and those persons who will stay by your side all the way as you achieve your goals and desires of your heart. Foremost to these elements is the element of religiosity.

It is also often said that in order for any relationship to prosper, it is important to put God at the center of the relationship. Thus, friends who can stay in prayers can stay with each other even at the hardest times because it is their faith that God has put them together so that as one they can together fight all the challenges they may face. Faith and spirituality, will surely build good relationship, not only friendship. It should be noted that a friendship strengthened by faith is stronger so that it may be difficult to break that even the hardest trials cannot stand to destroy.

Putting God at the center of the friendship will enable the persons involved will help them understand the different values that will help them become better friends to each other and to other people. This is very important because a strong friendship should not stand to isolate the friendship from the rest of the world because people who developed strong friendship should also help in building equally stronger relationships in the community so that they can all live in harmony and prosperity.

This is important because in some cases, people tend to isolate themselves from the rest of the society believing that the friendship they have is enough to make them essentially happy as a person. This negates the fact that people, as social being, needs as much interactions and relationships in order to achieve full happiness as a person. Friendship is one of the most genuine relationships in the social world. According to Van Duzee (1963), “there are a number of romances in which the central story is one not of love, but of friendship”. This only means that friendship can be a very good foundation for deeper relationships.

In some cultures, friendship is even more important than family ties. Therefore, it is important that once friendship is found, one should learn to keep it and strengthen it. Friendships could last a lifetime as long as people know how to keep the trust and the friendship alive. The various elements of friendship mentioned are only among the few factors that can help build strong friendship. Finally, while various British authors believed on these elements, one cannot be right that other authors may also believe them to be true because these elements of friendship are universally recognized.


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What are the Elements that Build a Strong Friendship?
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